The Reading Habits Tag

Friday, 31 July 2015

Hello lovelies, a lovely blogger called Saria from The Chronic Dreamer, tagged me to do the reading habits tag. And as I am a real bookworm I couldn't resist!

1. Do you have a certain place at home to read?
More often than not I read in my bed tucked up, before I go to bed.

2. Bookmark or random piece of paper?
I am not someone organised enough to own a bookmark. Even a random piece of paper can be a luxury for me. 

3. Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter or a number of pages?
Always after I finish the chapter, otherwise I will have completely forgotten where I was and would end up rereading a page!

4. Do you eat and drink while reading?
A book, cup of tea and a biscuit is like a joint back for me, I can't have one without the other.

5. Do you watch TV or listen to music whilst reading?
Who is capable of this? My brain would overload!

6. One book at a time or several at once?
Depending on what I am reading at the time, I only read upto 2 at time, when I was at college, I would be simultaneously reading Sigmund Freud essay along with Cecilia Ahern novel.  

7. Reading at home or everywhere?
Everywhere, I usually have a book in my handbag, just in case I have time for a little read.

8. Reading aloud or silently in your head?
WHO reads aloud, unless its to someone else, always silently.

9. Do you ever read ahead or skip pages?
I am so guilty of this, no denying it.

10. Do you ever write in books? 
Not really, unless I am studying from it.

My top book recommendations at the moment are -

You're the One That I want - Giovanna Fletcher
The Girl on the Train- Paula Hawkins
The Humans- Matt Haig

I tag anyone, who, like me, is also a bookworm and would like to answer these questions too :)


Monthly Scrapbook - August

Thursday, 30 July 2015

I have been loving sharing my Instagram weeks with you on here, but I wanted to do something a little different and something that would mean I was producing a blog post daily. 
I also love vlogging, and a lot of people do Vlogmas or Veda, but being more of a snapper than a filmer, I thought why not post a photograph everyday. And I love the idea of creating a scrapbook of memories. Im sure someone has already thought of this, but I thought why not make it a tag, so anyone can join in, and whatever month they like too.

So the rules are-
1. Post a picture a day everyday in August (or whatever month this tag finds you)
2. Explain what the picture is and what you are upto.
3. Tag 5 more bloggers to do it.

Hopefully this will be a means to get creative and for us all to get to know each other a little better :)

I am planning on still posting regular beauty posts too. So I had better get organised...

I nominate-

These are all blogs I love reading, and I would love to see what they would do with this tag/ challenge ...

Thankyou all for reading, and if you want to also try this, by all means do it :)

July Favourites

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Oh July, you have been good to me *smiles with big rosy cheeks* I have let life take me away this month, and although I have a mad month at work, I have found lots of happiness in July. I got to meet my friends beautiful healthy baby,  another of my friends came home from 3 months in New York, and I spent a lot of time frolicking about with my gig buddy, Wallis. The sun even shined long enough for me to go to the beach, although I did get very burnt legs and bum, I topped off the day sipping cocktails with my best buds from work. 

So July favourites were a tad difficult to pick because I haven't really been paying attention. Please forgive me! 

I have been enjoying a more of a nude lip this month which is very shocking for me as I usually wearing bright pink or red. The nude I have been loving is this lip liner by MUA called caramel nougat, it is a brown/ purpley pink shade.  Which I use to line my lips to make them appear a little plumper and then colour the rest of my lips in. And for a bit of sheen, I use the Maybelline colour sensational shine gloss in shade 137 fabulous pink. 

For eyes, I have been experimenting with the New Look range of eyeshadows, and I love this one called Biscuit, which is a goldy pinky colour, it is super pigmented and I love to sweep the colour over my lids and top it off with a cat eye flick. 

I am also a bit of a nail varnish addict and I accidentally brought these, swear to you, I had banned myself from buying nail varnish, until I saw these and I couldn't resist! The glittery one is a Maybelline crystallise polish, which comes out as a thick glitter, rather than having to layer. The one I picked up is Rose Chic. I brought it to pair with the nude polish by Collection, called Bare Nude. So I use the  glittery polish just on my ring finger for a little sparkle and Bare Nude on my other fingers. I love this look and is perfect all year round.

The bright reddy orangey one is called Red Ginger by Rimmel by their salon pro collection (I'm even wearing it now) it is really long lasting and is super shiny! I work in a shop and have a few customers comment on my bright pink nails and asking me where it's from, so it's a winner! 

Peeping in the corner is an old favourite of mine which has made a comeback this month, the L'Oreal blur cream primer. I have super oily skin, and I find in the summer my foundation has a real problem staying on my face. So I use this before my foundation just to give it a helping hand throughout the day. 

You may know this already but I am a sucker for flower crowns, having loved my H&M and worn it at every oppurtunity, I thought it was time I invested in a new one to love and cherish. This one was £2 from Primark, YES £2, I know! It was half price and I love the colours in it! I am hoping to get a bit of pink put in my hair, and I thought this would look perfect with it! 

At the top, looks like a necklace but it is actually a head bando, also from Primark which was £3! I am a big lover of festivals and gigs and I think this one is super cute and will look nice with a wavy pony tail or plaits or loose curly hair- anything actually! 

I brought this final necklace from H&M, my other favourite place to buy jewellery, as I have a few plain tops and jumpers and I thought a statement necklace like this would really add something to the outfit. I have previously not been a big jewellery wearer, but I have been loving adding a little something something to a boring old outfit! 

Also this month I have been enjoying chocolate digestives, and I really think it has become an addiction. If anyone else is suffering the same problem, let me know and we can arrange something.

I went to see Andy Jordan at a gig a few weeks ago and been loving his EP, also loving his beautiful face, so I am going to include him in my July favourites too :) 

Let me know what you have been loving this month, and I will hopefully be here again soon, as long as I haven't gone into a chocolate biscuit coma... Xoxox

Living in the moment

Friday, 24 July 2015

yo yo yo,

I went to a gig the other day, and I was surrounded by people watching the gig through their phones. WHY. I mean I am partial to taking a few pictures and maybe a sneaky video. But videoing and photographing the whole thing is a bit extreme isn't it? And it completely changes the experience for you. I mean, a girl in front of me was literally taking her phone out every minute (maybe even 30 seconds, not joking!) to take a snapchat, and all the photos looked the exact same.. 

 I wanted to talk about living in the moment and savouring every second of it. 

I am an opportunity taker and someone who loves to soak up every part of what I am doing. Feeling the atmosphere, dancing like a crazy fool because you love the music that much, and trying to watch so intently so that you won't forget how perfect that moment you are living really is.

When you come to rematch the footage you spent the whole gig recording, you won't feel the same as you would if you had just put your phone away after taking a few snaps. You won't feel how much the music made you feel and how sexy the guitarist was when he looked at you whilst you were singing with your best friend.

And no one really wants to receive 100 snap chats of how great your night is.

I don't know, maybe I am a little old fashioned, but I just believe in enjoying the moment as it is and having the feeling of 'I am just so happy right now, right here'

We live in a world of social media and technology and sometimes I think we let real life run away from us.

This year for me, has been about seeking happiness and this is a lesson that is really important to me in feeling truly happy and not just happy on my Instagram...

I hope you enjoyed this post, thankyou for reading :)

Hope I didn't sound too ranty haha!

Lots of love xxx

Sugar Skull Makeup

Monday, 20 July 2015

 So, err, not your average makeup look.

I created this sugar skull look for an event/ race and you are judged on your fancy dress. Ok, abit weird, but thought I would share with you, how to create this look, if you so wish.

I used Snazaroo face paints, sponges and makeup brushes to create this look.

Step 1- Cover your whole face, neck and ears with white paint. I even dragged this through my hair to extra ghostly.

2- Using a thin paint brush or makeup brush, and the black face paint, create two loops around your eyes.

3- Then for the inner bit of the eye using whatever colour you like ( I used purple) then build it up on your eye lid and then blend it outwards to blend into the black to give your eye depth, like it is a skull.

4- Then using the same thin brush, loop the black paint around the eye sockets to create this flower effect.

5- Going back to the purple paint, dab a little into the holes you have created, I mixed it with some white to make it look more faded.

6- Don't forget to line your water line with a black liner, otherwise it looks a bit odd. 

7- I then painted on two triangles on my nose and connected them together at the end.

8- Paint on 4 dots in the centre of your forehead, and then create false eyebrows with swirlyness, still using the black paint and a fine brush.

9- I then created the hollow cheek bones by following my natural cheek bones and then blending down wards to give it depth, I also used a sponge for this stage, using a sponge is quicker and is easier to blend (just pretend you are contouring) Then above where you have made your cheekbones, do another swirly line (so descriptive)

10- Using the left over black on the sponge I dabbed it onto my top lip.

11- Working from the corners of your lips, create a longer line either side to create your teeth. Also line your upper lip, using the black paint.

12- Then go head and create your 'teeth' by creating lines downwards and over your lips.

13- Lastly, I created the signature sugar skull spider web on the chin, by working from the bottom of my chin upwards, creating lines fanning out, then adding in the curved lines across. Just finishing with dots above the lines. 

As usual I was with my main gal Wallis, who created a more subtle sugar skull, leaving out the eyebrows and spider web. I love dressing up and experimenting with makeup, the photographs are just ones to love because its not everyday you are a sugar skull.

Here are some more templates I found on Pinterest and I have also created a Sugar Skull/ Skeleton board, that I worked from, if you needed more inspiration.

Thankyou all for reading this slightly odd post this week, hope you enjoyed it :)


My Week on Instagram ✯

Saturday, 18 July 2015

I know I say this a lot, but I have been super super super busy at work recently, I work in retail and with retail comes sale *yawn* which means a lot of work preparing for it, so even my Instagram has been a bit quiet recently, as well as my blog. I haven't mastered the art of scheduling blog posts yet, oops!

But this is what I have been up to, whilst I have a fleeting minute when I am not working or sleeping!

1- Henna, We had a family get together, where a lot of wine was drank, but someone brought along a henna kit (I know, as you do) so we spent the evening looking up patterns on Pinterest and carefully painting ourselves. 

2- Cupcakes! My lovely friend Hanna, gave birth to a precious baby girl called Zoey 2 weeks ago, so I saw the cupcake opportunity and took it. I even wrote the recipe for you lovely lot to create them yourselves. They are so delicious, my mouth is watering just thinking about them!

3- More henna loving, shamless selfie, showing off my henna, as I write this, it has all come off, and I miss it and want it back! Haha, I am no committed to a real tattoo though *sigh*

4- Fruit for breakfast, As I have recently booked a holiday, I am on a bit of a health kick, which equals lots of fruit and vegetables and less wine and cheese. Which lets face it, is a struggle, but it looks nice to photograph! This was watermelon, blueberries and strawberries. I pick my fruit up from Lidl as I find the prices are super cheap for really good quality fresh fruit (just if anyone is wondering)

5- Blog photography day, I think I had one day off last week, which I entirely dedicated to taking blog photos. I have also been loving Giovanna Fletcher's new book Dream a Little Dream, I get lost in the world of her books, they are blissful and dreamy!

6- Pout it out, On a rare occasion where me and my friend Emily had a friday night off together, we took the opportunity to go out for tapas an drinks. I wore a long black maxi dress from Primark with sandals from Next, and my lipstick was Vintage Pink by Rimmel.

7- Cocktails, and these were the cocktails we had for our girly night, I had a woo woo, and I can't remember what Emily had, something strong, which I couldn't drink.

8- Lipstick Loving, follow the link to my top 5 lipsticks blogpost :) aren't they blooming lovely!

9- Day of getting back to it and planning! My intentions are in the right place seeeeee! I will be back to it I promise! In the mean time you can follow me on Instagram and I will follow you back and we can keep up with each other on there? 

Thankyou all for reading, I hope you are all having a lovely week!! See you all soon :) xoxox

Festival Makeup Must Haves

Thursday, 16 July 2015

So as the summer is really getting in to the swing of things, I thought for this weeks post I would talk you through my festival makeup must haves.
For me, festivals are a chance to go crazy with the glitter and bright colours, because if you can't at a festival, when can you!?

For a festival, foundation isn't a must, but I would recommend taking BB cream if you aren't one for going bare faced, at least it has a hint of colour, whilst moisturising and providing a SPF, so if the sun does decide to show its face, you won't be left with a red nose.

As I was saying, glitter is essential, I love these glitter eyeliners from Collection, called GlamCrystals. They have a whole range of colours, and I think they great as an eyeliner, smudged for eyeshadow or dabbed along the cheeks for a super glittery look (obviously my choice) I also love this Barry M nail varnish, it is a mix of purple, green silver, pink glitter bits, which I would use maybe just on my ring finger, or to create a kind of ombre glitter look with another varnish. In Boots the other day, I noticed Maybelline have brought out a collection of glittery nail varnish too, so the choices are endless!

These shadow pots are two favourites of mine, and I have recently used them in my rose gold eye makeup look over on Youtube. They are the Maybelline Colour Tattoos, in shades Rose Gold and Eternal Gold. They are creamy shadows, perfect for building up for a more intense look, or keeping rather subtle.

Collection Makeup, is my perfect go to for bright colours, their products are super cheap and if you're only going to wear them for a couple of days when you are essentially rocking out in a field, they are perfect for just that! I picked up this electric blue liquid eyeliner by them, and I love using it by itself with a bright pink lip. It really makes your eyes pop and enhances the colour of your natural eyes. 

Barry M is also a great go to for the bright colours, however a bit more pricey,  but I love this kohl liners in blue and purple. I have blue eyes, and these really compliment them, purple would also look great with brown eyes and a gold would really compliment green eyes.

As a lover of all things lipstick, I had to include my festival must have lipstick! This one is a really really bright pink by Rimmel, and it is a Colour Rush Balm lip crayon. The shade I have been wearing is Boom Chica A Boom. It is a really glossy lip colour, but the colour pigmentation is really intense as well as really long lasting. 

This eyeshadow palette has been one of my favourites since I brought it and am always picking it up, if only to use a purple or a green for an everyday look. But when it comes to festival makeup I like to use these bright shades to create a really electric eyeshadow look. It is the Mermaids vs Unicorns eyeshadow palette by Makeup Revolution. Their colours are super pigmented and are so bright, and the for the low price of their products you really can't say no. They are so perfect for festival season, I would probably struggle to find anything better or more suited!

Now that is our makeup bag sorted, for all other products, like mascara and eyebrows, I tend to use the same things as usual, and I try to keep makeup brushes down to a minimum.

So for hair, at a festival it really is whatever goes, showers are not something you will be seeing for a few days, so make sure you pack dry shampoo, this Floral Essences dry shampoo by Batiste has an amazing smell and leaves your hair feeling lovely, I find dry shampoo also gives your hair a lot of texture, so I would go ahead and plait it or just pop a flower crown on top, or even these flower clips I found in H&M, which are perfect for shoving into a bun and a pony tail, to keep it looking nice. 

All these accessories included are from H&M, including these cat eye sunglasses which are my absolute favourite this summer. I can't wait till I am off to the next festival where I can really go all out with these makeup bits and bobs :)

If you are going to any festivals, what makeup will you be taking? Also if you would like to see me doing any tutorials for festival looks then leave me a comment :) 
Thankyou all for reading, muchos luvos xxxx

Naked vs W7 (dupe)

Saturday, 11 July 2015

The Naked palettes are beautiful, but come with a big price tag. I love the shades and the colour pay off, the shades are really wearable everyday shades, as well as being able to create intense smokey eyes as well. 

Yet, I picked up this W7 palette for 1/4 of the price of the Naked 2 Palette and despite the packaging not being of the same standard, the shades defiantly are. This In The Nude palette by W7, is a must have dupe for the Naked 3 palette, with lots of pink, gold and purple shades. 

For under £5, there really is no question, it is incredibly good value for money, for 12 shades which are all very pigmented and easy to apply. I find with some cheaper eyeshadows, you need to layer the product to get good payoff, but these are beautifully applied.

 They also have very little fall down, compared to the Naked eyeshadows, which I find I am cleaning off my cheeks after applying.

If you are looking for a dupe for the Naked 2 palette, I would recommend the W7 palette 'In the Buff'. 

I possibly wouldn't re invest in another Naked palette when I find these W7 are equally as good quality without the bigger price tag, have you tried any of these W7 palettes, what do you think of them?

I am much more of a drugstore dupe lover than the full blowout high end products...

Thankyou for reading :) xoxox

Chocolate Cupcake and Frosting Recipe

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Mmmm, so if you are a cupcake fiend like me, you will love these cupcakes. I make these all the time whenever I have the chance, they are really simple and super yummy. 

(Makes 6 muffins or 12 cupcakes)


100g flour
20g cocoa
1/2 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt 

140g sugar
40g butter (room temp)
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 egg
120ml milk

1. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees.
2. Mix all dry ingredients (flour, cocoa, baking powder, salt) in a small bowl.
3. Mix together butter and sugar until it is light and creamy.
4. Add egg and mix ( I use an electric whisk) 
5. Add a spoonfull of flour mix gradually with a bit of milk, mix in-between adding more, until it is all gone, and you have a chocolatey cake mix.
6. Line a baking tray with 12 cupcake cases. 
7. I suggest using an ice-cream scoop to scoop the cake mixture into the cases for even mix in each.
8. Bake in oven for 15- 20 minutes.
9. Leave to cool whilst making in the frosting.

Frosting Ingredients- 

200g icing sugar, sifted
33g butter, softened
83g cream cheese
Sprinkles, any shape or form

1. Mix the icing sugar and butter together with a fork until it is all mixed together.
2. Add cream cheese and start by mixing with a fork, to stop the icing sugar from flying all over the place.
3. Then using an electric whisk, mix for 5 minutes until smooth.
4. Using the ice-cream scoop again, portion out the mix onto the cold cupcakes (if you do it on warm cupcakes it will slip off) 
5. Using a knife, push out the frosting and smooth and lift the knife up to create a peak (does that make sense?) 
6. Then top with any sprinkles, these are edible confetti sprinkles, but any look pretty :)


I packed these cupcakes up and took them to see Hanna who has just given birth to a baby girl, to have a chat over a cupcake is what we do best :)

Hope you enjoy this recipe and let me know if you test it out! 

Thankyou for reading, lots of love xoxo

My Top Five Lipsticks

Saturday, 4 July 2015

I am a lipstick worshiper and I am not afraid to admit it! It seems every time I go into Boots, I NEED a new lipstick, "this shade is like nothing I have seen before, I need it in my collection!" 
But these are my top five lipsticks, these are the ones that have made the cut, and there is a shade suited for most everyday makeup looks. 

1- Mac, All Fired Up. I am not really one to buy expensive makeup, only when I really love the product and I picked up an extra shift at work to justify buying a £15 lipstick. But I love this shade, it is a matte reddish pink lipstick. It is super pigmented and is really long wearing. As well as a really smooth application. As a matte shade I would recommend exfoliating before applying this lipstick so it doesn't show up any chapped skin. With intense bright shades like this, I also like to set it in place with a lipstick sealer, like LipCote, so the colour doesn't transfer on to your face and keeps it in place all day.

2- Rimmel, Vintage Pink. I used this lipstick in my latest makeup tutorial over on my Youtube channel pairing it with a purple smokey eye. This lipstick is a moisturising lipstick, so it is super glossy. I like to just dab it on my lips for the colour. The lipstick is a lovely pinky purpley shade and I like it as a good alternative to a nude shade with a more intense eye makeup. 

3- Rimmel, 110 by Kate Moss. I say this a lot, but I love Rimmel products so no wonder 3 of my favourite lipsticks are by Rimmel. This a bright coral matte shade. Perfect for summer and I like to pair it with a goldy, coppery eye. I also find, matte shades last so long, this lipstick will last a whole day at work and barely has any transfer. If you are one for a bright orange lip, this is for you.

4- Rimmel, 003 by Kate Moss. The perfect nude shade. It is quite glossy and has hint of brown and pink in it, so it is perfect for everyday and a staple in my makeup collection. I would wear this with most makeup looks, but mostly with the Naked 2 eyeshadow palette or shimmery pink eyeshadow. 

5- Soap and Glory, Gauvarama. First of all, I love the packaging for this lipstick, it is so compact and feels like a high end product. It is also a nourishing lipstick so looks dewy and smooth on lips whilst plumping them up too. This is also a reddy pinky shade, but is not too bright like All Fired Up, so perfect for everyday, just to give your lips subtle colour. If I ever can't decide what lipstick to go for, this is always the one I reach for as it suits every look. I am hoping to get some more S&G lipsticks because they formula is lovely, just waiting for a  for 2 offer, as the products are a bit more pricey than other drugstore products.

Are any of these your favourite lipsticks, if not what are yours? I would love some recommendations to add to my ever growing collection. Thankyou all for reading :) hope you all have a lovely weekend xoxox

June Favourites

Thursday, 2 July 2015

I can't believe it's July already! It doesn't feel like 2 weeks since Christmas and I was making New Years resolutions and now we are half way through the year...

So as I have been a bit slack with the beauty posts recently so thought I would get back into the swing of things with a favourites post.

First up for my June favourites, is the Iconic Pro 2 palette by Makeup Revolution. I brought it a few months ago but been experimenting with these eye shadows and they are beautiful! The palette has 8 shimmer shades and 8 matte shades. I have fallen in love with Makeup Revolution eyeshadows, not only are they a good price, but the shadows are super pigmented and are really long wearing. I love the rose gold shimmery eyeshadow using the purple to create a smokey eye. And the lightest matte shade reminds me of the same colour as Mac Soft Ochre paint pot (I haven't used it before, but from what I have seen in Youtube videos). I have a few compliments and people asking me what brand it is when I wear these eyeshadows, so I had to include them as other people seem to like them too :) I recommend these palettes so much, I even prefer these to the Naked palettes, and that is saying something!

I am also loving the Batiste floral essences dry shampoo, I usually go for the tropical one, but I loved the packaging and the scent is super delicious too. I use dry shampoo most days, I prefer my hair to have lots of texture and I am not keen on the sleeky shiny look. I also find that your hair holds fragrance so you can smell nice all day long. 

As you probably know if you have been reading my blog for a while, I am addicted to lipsticks! But these two are my favourites for the month, I have been loving wearing coral as it is super summery, this one by Kate Moss is shade 110 and is a matte shade. I used it in my makeup look for rose gold eye tutorial, I love pairing it with a shimmery gold eye, if you can't wear it in the summer, then when can you!

My other lipstick fave is Rimmel Vintage Pink. Its an almost purple lipstick, which I find perfect for pairing with bright eyes for festival looks. Its a moisture renew lipstick, so it is very glossy, I prefer to just dab a little on to my lips, just for the colour. I actually saw Carrie Fletcher wearing this on one of her Youtube videos and thought it looked gorgeous, so couldn't help but experiment with it myself.

My fragrance of the month has been Seen By Chloe, I wrote up a whole blog post on my love for this perfume, so you can check that out here :)

And finally, sneaked into the corner, is a cute little choker necklace from Topshop, they have lots of nice jewellery in there at the moment, especially for summer. I just loved this one because it is quite pretty with the pearl detail and little flower. I am a sucker for anything with flowers on! 

Actually, just remembered, I have been obsessed with Orange is the New Black, so I can pop it into my favourites, the finale of season 3 was so good and I half regret watching all 3 seasons in 2 weeks because now its over and I have to wait a year for the next series! At least I can normally resume my life, that is if I don't get hooked on something else. 

If you have done a June favourites, leave your blog link below so I can read what you have been enjoying this month!

Thankyou all for reading, let me know if you enjoy my blog, by following or commenting...

See you soon! Xoxox