My Week on Instagram

Monday, 28 September 2015

Last week was super busy for me, I work in a shop and we were launching mid season sale this weekend. I was given the responsibility of marking down all the clothes, so I was working everyday really long hours and there was next to no opportunities for blog posts. 

However I managed to take a few pictures and keep up the social media front over on Instagram. 

I discovered H&M beauty this week and fell in love with their range of nail polishes. I could have easily brought them all! But I held back and just brought a lovely purple shade which will feature in my September favourites. 

On the same day I indulged in H&M, I was shopping with my sister and she wanted to get a new piercing (she currently has 11 so why not add another) so we ventured to Blue Banana and she got a rook piercing. 

Later on in the week where I was working an evening shift, I had a day time free where my sister Phoebe and I decided to get her face paints out and have a little experiment prior to Halloween. Phoebe is going travelling to Australia in a couple of weeks and whilst she is not at college and all her friends have gone to uni she is in limbo, so I am valuing every free time we get to spend with her. 

We both created 'Pumpkin Kings' and I tried to create a zombie bite on my neck. I have always been creative so I loved it. After I posted it I had an old friend messaging me thinking it was real, is that a compliment!? 

Then the week ended with the sale at work. I actually love doing the sale as it means a team of people in the night preparing for it which is always a laugh as it is an opportunity for us all to talk without being worried about being told off and to talk to customers instead. We ended up going for drinks afterwards, we are all friends so I really loved it. 

Sale day always means lots of treats for us, and a bake sale was arranged where we raised money for Macmillian. The amount of cakes was insane and we munched our way through slices of chocolate cake and cupcakes all day. I made chocolate cupcakes with popping candy, which I actually dropped on my way in. Typical of me I am the definition of clumsy! 

Although I was a busy bee all week it ended with a hefty amount of cake and I couldn't be happier! As October nears I am hoping to get back to writing and enjoying the world of blogging even more. 

Thankyou all for reading, how have you spent your week? 

Big love B xxx

Book Haul

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Ooh my favourite type of haul. I am a self confessed book worm and I love nothing more than getting new books! 

My New Years resolutions for 2015 were simply to read more and be happy. 

As I have made my way through quite a few this year already I made another order on Amazon. 

Meaning to buy only two I accidentally ended up with a few more. *oops* 

I love watching Carrie Fletcher's YouTube videos and as a fellow book worm, I took her advice and brought 'How to be a Woman' by Caitlin Moran. Which is a memoir of her life and her views on feminism. 

Freya North, home truths. As I went to Greece recently with my Auntie, we swapped books whilst we were out there and she lent me, 'Secrets' by the same author. A lovely story of a woman who leaves her life in London and finds love along the way. I love a good chic flick and her style of writing, so I had to get another one! 

How to fall in love, Cecelia Ahern. She also wrote P.S I love you, which is one of my favourite books and this one is about how to fall in love in with life. The reviews were really good so I couldn't resist. 

Trouble, Non Pratt. I think I saw this featured in a Hannah Witton's favourites video: about a girl who accidentally finds herself pregnant at 16 without a partner but someone who wants to help her. 

A Man Called Ove, Frederick Backman. If I am completely honest, I judged the book by the cover and loved the illustration so I clicked on it to see all the praise of the book, and how it was a bestseller, so popped that one into my basket too.

The two of us, Andy Jones. "Falling in love is the easy part. What matters most is what happens next..."

Us, David Nicholls. If you have read One Day, you will understand why I purchased this book. Lovely, lovely writer.

Funny Girl, Nick Hornby. 'About a Boy' is one of my favourite films which is based on Nick Hornby's book. This book follows a girl who seeks stardom in the sixties. I can't wait to get into this book and see where it goes. 

I love getting book inspiration from other people so I hope this has made you want to delve into some of these books too.

Reviews will be up soon, at the moment I am just marvelling at the pristine new covers and crisp pages, I am itching to get in and get lost in the world of fiction. 

Thankyou all for reading, muchos love, B xoxo

Afytos, Greece

Friday, 18 September 2015

Hello lovelies, I have been to paradise and back!

As the summer has been pretty rubbish here in England and maybe more so in Cornwall which feels like there is a constant rain cloud over it.

My mum and me had enough and booked a last minute holiday to Greece with my auntie Gill. I have been to Greece a few times and fall more in love with it every time, the weather is glorious and the food is to die for.

We went to Afytos in Halkidiki, which is a little village with lots of little restaurants were you can eat tzatziki and olives to your hearts content. 

Or applaud the man who single handedly ate two portions of spaghetti bolognese and polished it off with ice cream. 

There is also a beach with crystal clear waters and a tortoise or two.

Bikini- Boohoo

I fell in love with all the animals, they have lots of stray dogs and cats all of which I wanted to sneak home in my suit case. Instead we 'accidentally' dropped some left over fish for them to gobble up.

We started the day with peaches and Greek yoghurt by the pool. And the rest of our day processed much the same, either lounging around by the pool or on the beach, reading in between taking dips in the water to cool down.

Then when the sun had dipped, we got ready on our 'conservatories' named by me as I forgot the word for balcony. Whilst enjoying a 'piece' of wine, as my Auntie Gill named a large glass or Rosé.

When our tummies started grumbling we ventured into the little village to find something to eat, finishing the evening with a cocktail or two.

If you are looking for your own slice of paradise I would defiantly recommend this beautiful part of Greece. 

Thankyou for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post.

Have you been to Afytos? Or where is your favourite place to go on holiday?

Love, B xxx

Frank Body Scrub Review

Friday, 11 September 2015

Yes! I finally got my hands on this scrub, and couldn't be happier with it.

You rip open the bag to what looks like dry coffee (if you've ever had to make coffees on a barista machine, its like the bit thats left over when you've made the coffee) and it smells incredible! 

I chose the peppermint one because I love that smell and think it leaves a really squeaky clean feel. It also leaves a tingly sensation which feels really cleansing on the skin. It is one of the tough scrubs, so it targets dry skin and pesky skin problems like cellulite, stretch marks and eczema.

I have loads of stretch marks all over my legs, I think because I had a sudden growth spurt, going for a tiny child to a curvy teenager and my skin couldn't keep up.
So anything to help those stretch marks disappear will be a God send for me.

I am still in the early days of using the scrub, so I haven't noticed any difference to the marks yet. But the affect it has made to the smoothness of my skin is incredible. 
As soon as I washed it off for the first time, I noticed how much of a difference there was and my skin felt super lovely and smooth.

I try and use this once or twice a week, as over scrubbing can be damaging. I run a shallow bath and use the scrub all over my body, concentrating on my legs and arms. 

BUT BE WARNED, this scrub is soooo messy! Because it is a loose dry scrub it gets everywhere before you even put it on, then when you come to wash it off, it turns into coffee, so you need to be careful when washing it off. I use a shower head to wash it off, or you could use a jug, otherwise it will stain your towels or bathroom floor.

Have you tried this scrub? Would you recommend it? Or which flavour (are they flavours?) do you love?

Thankyou for reading :)

Lots of love, B xxx

Peek at my Pinterest

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

I am self confessed Pinterest addict!  

I am on there every day, whether that be when I am eating my jam on toast at breakfast or curled up in bed struggling to keep my eyes open.

So I thought I would share with you what I have been pinning and show you why I have fallen in love with it. 

I have created boards to inspire my haircuts, makeup, travel plans/ideas, recipes, styling and photography ideas. I also hop over here when I am looking for a particular look, like for a festival lookbook, or when I turned myself into a sugar skull.

It is the home to all my inspiration, I just wish my life looked like my Pinterest!

It is also a perfect place to advertise your blog, just pin your image and it will link directly to your blog... 

Are you on Pinterest? Leave a link below to your profile so we can follow each other and pin away together :)

I am currently on my way to Greece, so I will see you soon!

Lots of love,

B xoxo

Post *Monthly Scrapbook* Thoughts

Friday, 4 September 2015

So I have reached the end of my own set challenge and I feel happy and accomplished.

I found that taking a picture every day was HARD, to begin with I tried to plan what photos I would take on each day. Obviously my plan wasn't followed exactly as some photos I planned weren't taken or weren't what I hoping they would look like.

 Also lots of plans were changed or things came up unexpectedly, including me getting poorly (defiantly not in the plan) so for a few days I wasn't feeling like getting out of the house, let alone going to find a nice photograph opportunity. But then that made me think more about the little things in life which are beautiful like my breakfast or Hugh Grant in Notting Hill. 

It also gave me time to be reflective and think about why I started blogging and my future plans for Life With B.

It has also been super lovely to read people's comments who have been enjoying it, whilst chatting with other bloggers on twitter and hearing their feedback and tips.

Photographing, editing, uploading, writing, publishing, was a bigger task then I initially thought it would be. On one occasion I was late to upload, but hey, 30 out of 31 isn't too bad!

I have also seen a change in my blogging and photographing style over the month, and I am more happy than ever with what I am producing, it has certainly been a learning curve.

Initially I wanted a challenge to keep me motivated and uploading regularly, and it gave me something to focus on and think about everyday. I now feel like I want to produce more and more and keep working on my little blog.

 I have managed to create a lots of memories and focus on everyday and appreciate how I spend every day, giving each day it's potential to be one to cherish.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the posts as much as I loved creating them. If you liked it, I tag all of you to do it too! I am planning on doing this for December too, watch this space!

Lots of love, B xoxo

August Favourites

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

So here we are again, at the start of another month and another one behind us. Summer is over and I can barely believe it, although I did spend the day on the beach yesterday, so maybe not quite over.

But over August these are the products I have been loving, I found I was super busy in August, with very little money to splurge on pretty lipsticks and eyeshadows, so this month is looking more like 'best basics'.

Accessorize clips- I think the proper name for them is bulldog clips, but they look too pretty to be named that! I love these type of clips anyway, I use them to pin up half of my hair especially if I have curled it. But these clips are super pretty, you get 4 in a pack for £6 and they just lovely up any hair style. The floral design is perfect for summer-y hot weather. Whenever I wear them I have people asking me where they are from. I could spend a fortune in Accerssorize, everything in there is so delicate, feminine and pretty. (Really should stop saying pretty)

Body Shop face mist- This is a really lovely Rose scented face spray which is a perfect handbag instant moisture spritz. You can also use it to set your makeup. I found this to be perfect over the summer, whilst it hasn't been hot, when it is warmer your makeup can slip off (Mine did around my nose) but this defiantly helped to keep it in place. It also part of the Vitamin E range, so it feels super beneficial for your skin and leaves your face feeling refreshed, clean and smelling lovely.

Superdrug shower cream - This stuff is so cheap and comes in so many different lovely combinations of smells. This one is Dragonfruit and Vanilla, but I also love the Cherry and Almond, and Lime and Ginger. 

Lush Herbalism- I tweeted out to fellow beauty bloggers and asked for suggestions for facial washes and scrubs. I was recommended Lush, so I popped in there a few weeks ago and asked for a wash perfect for oily / combination skin. The lovely lush lady showed me Herbalism, which is a cleaning scrub that comes in a dry form and you massage it in your hands with water and it becomes a paste. I find it super cleansing, and balancing, so I have found skin problems like black heads have gone *hurrah*. I would defiantly buy this again and maybe venture into more of their facial cleansing products.

Next ceramic wall hanging- "Follow your dreams" I have brought a few of these recently for friends that are off to uni, as a cute addition to their uni rooms. They are perfect and super lovely.

What did you love in August? 

Thankyou all for reading, see you soon lovelies xxx