Making a Birthday 'Bath Time' Hamper

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Hello lovelies..

I often struggle with what to get my friends for birthday gifts and coming up with new ideas each year.

My longest friend has her birthday soon and seen as she is up in Uni I wanted to get her something that she would use. It is no myth that uni students have got next to no pennies to spend and she is no exception so I wanted to get her something a bit indulgent. 

As a lover of love things that fall under the category pamper & bath time, I decided to make her a hamper, perfect for exactly that.

So I thought this would provide some good inspiration for you if you are struggling with a birthday or Christmas gift, to give your friend (or sister or mum) a bit of pampering.

Also this didn't cost over £25, but you can make it as expensive or inexpensive as you wish.

I first of all got my hands on this super cute basket to put all the bits and bobs in. Perfect for a present in itself and to add a lovely touch to a bathroom, it was £6 from Next, and I think you can get bigger ones too.

I then went about filling it with everything necessary for a pamper session. 

I went to Boots and found that all Soap & Glory products were on a 3 for 2 offer *heavenly* so picked up The Breakfast Scrub (I already have this and swear, hand on heart it is a miracle) Smooth Ultra Rich Body Lotion and Glad Hair Day shampoo.

Soap & Glory products always make a lovely gift, the packaging is incredible and they all smell divine, so who can resist!

As there were on a 3 for 2 offer they came to £13ish together, which is preeettaay good for S&G.

These are all products she wouldn't tend to buy herself, a student budget doesn't quiet stretch that far, which makes it even more special as a gift.

I also picked up this Nspa Mango shower gel, which smelt amazing and was only £2.

As I said, I have known her for years, and I also know she loses or uses up lip balm in seconds, so included this Burt's Bees lip balm.

Then to top it off, I popped in this candle which smells like strawberries and cream-  I mean lets face it what is bath time without a candle!? It was (I think) £3 from Next and I also loved the packaging.

The Emergency Donut Fund is not completely necessary, but any spare coins she has she can pop them in here.

And there you have it, a perfect 'pamper hamper'. 

I may use this idea again for other friends, varying what products I put in, maybe a lush bath bomb and some nice face masks.

Thankyou for reading, lots of love, B xxx

Sugar Skull Halloween Tutorial

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

As promised I have created a Halloween look, I chose to do a Sugar Skull after I got a lot of compliments the last time I did it. Aaaaand I finally got my hands on some face paints of my own, instead of borrowing my sister's under her strict permission and supervision. 

I feel like, now I have my own face paints, these kind of videos will be endless, so it can be Halloween all year around on this blog. 

Watch this video here >> 

Let me know if you like the look and what you will be dressing up as for Halloween!

Lots of love, B xxx

Halloween Costume // Makeup Ideas

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Is anyone else just way too excited for halloween?

I am planning on creating some looks for you, but for the mean time, satisfying all halloween cravings with some costume / makeup ideas.

I am undecided what I am going to go as yet, my friend is holding a halloween party themed classes horror. I'm thinking either a zombie (my default) or Frankenstein's bride. She looks epic.

I came to the conclusion today, you have to make one big decision, come halloween ; Sexy or scary. You can't be both, there is no in-between.

Here are a few super gory Zombie ideas I have been looking at.
I love the bloody nails and knees and blood stained lips.

Or you could just go as something a little sweeter; fairy, china doll or sugar skull.

I love all these ideas and wish I could be them all!

I will indulge in the face paints this week and hopefully recreate some easy halloween looks for you :)

What are you going to be for halloween?

Lots of love B xxx

How I Edit my Instagrams

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Hiya, recently someone asked me how I edit my Instagrams, so I thought I would make a lil' blogpost for you :)

First of all I take the picture *duh* either on my iPhone or Sony a5000 camera. On both, I use natural light to ensure the photo is well lit and is clear. Making sure that they are both in focus by either tapping the screen or refocusing by pressing the shutter.

I try to always create a good background by using colourful paper or pretty patterned objects, no boring old carpets or random bits or bobs.

I then use VSCO cam app, adding a filter either HB1, HB2 or C1. But always tend to go through them all before deciding which one looks best.

Then increase the exposure and contrast to make the image more crisp. 

I then use the tint tool to increase the pink in the image, I don't tend to stick to a theme on my Instagram but I do like the odd pink tint to my feed.

I then use Afterlight app to add a light flare to make the image look more interesting, also filling in a blank space. There is about 20 light flare options to add, then you can increase or decrease its intensity and what colour you want it.

I then go to upload it onto Instagram and occasionally play about with their tools and sometimes add a bit of fade or sharpen the image. 

There is no set way I edit all my photos because they are all different, lit in different way and need different filters to enhance the picture to its best quality.

I hope this helped anyone who was looking for some photo editing tips :)

And don't forget, everyone has their own personal style, so don't expect your feed to look the same as someone else's, you should just enjoy what you like.

Lots of love, B xox

Keeping Your Skin Clear on a Budget

Sunday, 18 October 2015

I don't know about you, but I have noticed skincare products are getting super expensive, although I love the look of Liz Earle and Clinique, their reviews are always positive but I have found that drugstore products are just as good and I buy time and time again.

I struggle with oily skin and often get the odd spot or two (lets face it- massive ones that occupy my entire chin) I have found these products keep it clear or help when I have a breakout.

All of these products are £5 and under.

I cleanse my face every morning and evening and these are my go-to products which leave my skin feeling oil-free and fresh. I go between The Body Shop Tea Tree skin clearing foaming  cleanser and Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing face wash.

Body Shop's foaming cleanser, is a cheaper product by The Body Shop being only £5, it has a pump dispenser and you only need one pump, so you can't waste it, technically it lasts longer. It is part of the Tea Tree range which is a natural anti bacterial, it is super beneficial for acne sufferers, because it cleans all dirt away (grease and oils from makeup etc) leaving your skin to heal and stay clear.

Like The Body Shop, being a natural products and being kind to skin, Simple is a gentle skin cleanser, which won't inflame your skin. I have always found Simple products to be affective and often reach for them when looking for face cleansers. I always re buy the oil balancing one, oily skin is really annoying when it comes to wearing makeup as mine often slips off. When I was younger and unsure of how to look after my skin, I suffered with bad acne because the oil on my skin would build up, but this face wash balances the oil on my skin, keeping it spot-free and feeling so much nicer.

For when you do have an outbreak, Sudocrem is the best product to reach for. It is super cheap but so good for pesky spots. It is an antiseptic and healing cream. So for those spots that are gross and scabby (we all get them), pop this on and it will help to heal it and make it look less inflamed. My friend who suffers with bad acne around her jawline, applies this every night and swears by it and couldn't recommend it enough. (It does say it is made for acne, not just babies bums)

I also want to recommend Boot's Botanics range, it is such good value for money, and uses natural products to cleanse the skin and keep it clear. I like to use the moisturisers, I apply them every night and before I apply my makeup in the morning. The one I am using at the moment is a mattifying one, to stop my skin looking shiny. They have a full range each of which is designed for different skin types with different botanical products. 

What are your cheap clear skin secrets? 

Thankyou for reading, much love :) xxxx

My Week On Instagram / 11

Friday, 16 October 2015

This week was about coffee dates with friends. About falling in love with Autumn, walking through the crunchy leaves in boots and bobble hats. 

I managed to meet up with Hanna who has her beautiful baby girl, Zoey, who is a gorgeous little pumpkin who has started giggling, albeit through lots of dribbles, but nevertheless I was beyond happy to be making her smile.

I also managed to squeeze in a hair appointment, to sort my layers out and I am so pleased with it, it is growing, slowly but surely.

Meeting up with the girls from work is one of the most enjoyable things, at work we are constantly being old off for gossiping and laughing too much (I got stuck in a stockroom on sunday when the door handle broke off and we laughed so much we had to cross our legs) so seeing each other outside of work, over a hot chocolate and ginger biscuit *or two* meaning we can talk to our hearts content.

My friend Wallis and I also discovered the top 100 rated sexiest men this week, not agreeing with it in the slightest, except for, of course Jamie Dornon, we decided to create our own list. In doing that we also created a list out of all the things which make up our perfect man, a girl can dream right!?

All in all, it has been a lovely week, filled with lots of laughter and obviously, coffee.

How have your weeks been? What have you been up to?

Follow me over on Instagram so I can follow you back so we can keep in touch :)

Lots of Love, B xxx

Autumn Makeup Look

Monday, 12 October 2015

Hello lovelies...

It hit October and I fully embraced Autumn. The plum-y lipstick, scarfs and boots are all out and I am loving it. 

This is my everyday makeup look I have plumped for this Autumn. Although I am still on the hunt for more lipsticks (no surprise there)

As the colder weather is drawing in (my car was frosty this morning *boo*) I am using the Olay everyday moisturiser to keep my skin feeling soft and not getting too dry. 

As a base I always use my favourites - L'oreal blur primer, Revlon colour stay foundation for oily/ combination skin and Collection lasting perfection concealer. I find these to be super long lasting without any need to reapply. To keep that all in place I use my holy grail pressed powder by Rimmel. 

For brows I use the Brows That kit by Seventeen to shape and fill in my brows. 

For eyes I love a smokey eye and I have been using the Naked 2 palette with the shade Verve all over my lids, then to smoke them out I have been using Pistol to deepen the smokeyness and use that in my crease and underneath my eyes. 

I then created a long cat eye flick with Collection liquid eyeliner in black.

For mascara, Maybelline falsies wins for me everytime. It makes your lashes so full and dark and long, I love it! 

To add some rosy-ness to my cheeks I pop a bit of Natural Collection Pink Cloud on. 

To make it super Autumn-y I am loving No7's lipstick in shade Cranberry which is a deep berry colour, I love it. Also the formula is really creamy and feels so nourishing and lovely on the lips. 

How you embracing Autumn? What lipsticks are you loving this season? :) 

Thankyou for reading, big loves xxxx

My 20th Birthday ✯

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Sorry for my absence! I was having cold sweats about turning 20, I was in denial, but after a lot (I mean a lot a lot ) of tea and cake, I have warmed to the idea and so I am back.

So I was happily floating through the last year of my teens quite oblivious and naive about turning 20, it wasn't much of a big deal. Until. The. Week. Before. And it hit me, this is the decade in which I need to make decisions, important ones, I need to move out, I need to seek out adult-y things, like a career, then pay bills. Ugh, I was not ready. Mentally I am still 15, in which my biggest worry was what I was going to wear to the party at the weekend. (Party being, a lot of people gathered in a field, drinking mixed spirits from plastic cups.)

I spent the weekend celebrating, by doing things I love, nothing exceptionally amazing but lovely nonetheless. My mum, sister and I headed over to Fowey, a beautiful little town with cute cottages, sweet little galleries and blissful tea shops.

Miraculously I remembered to bring my camera with me, which lets face it, never happens.

Having a sister, means "I bet I can throw this rock further than you"

And me failing..

The glorious cakes piled high in the window was too much for us and we had to indulge.. 

"Ooh I feel so oriental with my tea" "Beth, you're drinking Cornish green tea.."

We spent the day laughing and my heart felt very much full.

After a generous dose of fresh air and cake, we came home to watch Strictly.. had to be done..

And I popped on my heels and some lipstick, I headed out for the evening for cocktails with my bestie Emily.

Emily has been my best friend since we were 13 and has spent many a birthday with me, and we love a good cocktail.

My other friends are at uni so I will be seeing them at the end of the month instead..

I'm no longer dreading my twenties, more looking forward to all the things I will accomplish before I turn 30. 

I want to go travelling, experience things, love and feel loved. Spend every moment I can with my friends, see my friend Hanna's baby grow up into a little girl, move out and experience buying boring things like kettles and teacups. 

Goodbye teenage Beth, Hello adult Beth. Lets do this!

Thankyou all for reading and hello to my new followers, what a lovely surprise you were!

Love, B xxx