My Little Box • November Edition

Saturday, 28 November 2015

How cute is this?!

After a lot of umm-ing and awh-ing I decided to subscribe to My Little Box. A monthly subscription box full of little surprises- makeup, fashion & lifestyle accessories and other bits and bobs.

Each month has a different theme and November is this sweet *literally* box.

It is a metal tin, which in itself is lovely, and perfect for any kitchen, I will probably keep cupcake cases and decorations in it.

Then nicely tucked inside, is 3 little makeup items, an apron, storage jar labels and the My Little World magazine.

The storage jar labels are super cute, I can't wait to buy some mason style jars and fill them  with dry food- pasta, rice, sugar etc and decorate them with these simple but effective little labels.

The little products include-

My Little Beauty • Hand cream 

Now that it is Winter and getting colder, your skin really suffers, having a handbag sized hand cream is essential. I have been topping my hands up with this soft cream and it doesn't leave skin feeling greasy, but lovely and nourished.

So Elixir • L'eau De Parfum

I haven't heard of this brand before but I find the perfume pleasant with scents of vanilla (my favourite) Iris and Patchouli. I may not have chosen this perfume myself however I enjoy it and again it is a perfect handbag size. Or even clutch bag, if you're off to a fancy pants party this will fit snugly into any purse / clutch bag for an evening top up.

Bliss • Fabulous Foaming Face Wash

This is a water based cleanser, I am yet to use it, but it's usual RRP is around £15-£20, it is an advantage to have a little tester of it before you splash the cash.

{My Little Chef apron & storage jars labels}

Part of me is impressed with this little box and I love the concept, I think it would make a perfect present.
However another part of me wonders whether it is worth it? The box altogether including the postage costs about £15, and I do wonder whether I would have brought these items myself and if I really needed them.

Of course you can opt out at any time as it is a monthly subscription, so I may wait a little longer, as each month as a different theme which I may like more.

There is also other monthly subscription beauty boxes, so it may be a case of trial and error before I find the one perfect for me.

Do you get any monthly beauty boxes? Do you recommend any?

Thankyou for reading

loads of love

B xox

I'm doing BLOGMAS!

Thursday, 26 November 2015

{Image source- Pinterest}

*cue festive cheer* 

YEEESSS, I am going to be posting a blog post everyday until Christmas, a Life With B advent calendar if you will.

(Thinks how I still don't have an advent calendar and adds Lindt chocolate calendar to the shopping list)

My posts will be all things festive and life-y. I am really excited to start writing daily, I did a blog post a day for everyday of August and loved it. This time around there will be lots of other lovely bloggers doing the same thing, it will be one big Christmas party throughout December. I am looking forward to reading other peoples Christmassy posts- a way to share ideas, tips and inspiration.

If you want to follow my Blogmas posts, make sure you follow me over on Bloglovin' and I can't wait for this little project to start!

Also make sure you leave your links below so I can follow your posts too!!

Thankyou for reading bloggy B's :)

Lurrrveee from B 

Introducing Dudley

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Internet meet Dudley, Dudley meet the Internet.

Dudley is a Dachshund puppy, adopted from Cyprus as he was a street dog who needed a home. We decided to get a rescue dog after we went to Greece and saw loads of dogs that needed homes.

I don't think I could be anymore in love. As I write this he is cuddled up with me, his head on my hand trying to steal biscuit crumbs.

He is still a bit nervous, and is scared of the rain, he needs to be bribed with treats to get him out when it is raining.

His collar is from MeggieMoo and his tag was from eBay

He doesn't like to be left alone and is unsure of the cat, but he loves cuddles, eating and sleeping. He is so well behaved and already knows to sit and asks to go outside.
I am like a proud mummy.

This was the first time he has ever been on a beach, we live in Cornwall so he had better get used to it, but he loved it.

I filmed a few bit of going to get him and edited it into a bit of a silky montage for ya..


From now on, expect a lot of Dudley posts, who could resist!

Loadsa love, B (& Dudley) xxx

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Friday, 20 November 2015

Hello everyone,

Chances are, you clicked on this post because you have anxiety and are interested or thought 'oh god another post about anxiety' the latter reaction really surprises me. I have seen a lot of negative things about people talking about anxiety and even saw on twitter someone said 'has anxiety come into fashion?' 

Anxiety is no way shape or form a 'fashion statement', or us trying to be like Zoella.. I think is a good thing for us to be talking about, it is a really horrible 'thing' to have (I say thing, disorder sounds bit oo-err) Robyn from Phases of Robyn created #LetsTalkAnxiety for us all to get involved and start to talk about anxiety and fix the mental health stigma, also to remind that you are not alone in suffering with anxiety.

My experience of anxiety-

It is only recently I have been able to say 'I have anxiety' previously I have always thought it to be me just being a bit nervous and feeling sick and just passed it off as normal, not really talking about it because I was embarrassed and leaving it to just get worse. It was only until I heard people talking about it and giving it the recognition that I realised that I had it myself. 

I have had anxiety since I was about 11, I would feel sick all the time when I was in places I didn't feel comfortable or even just random times, this coupled with a fear or being sick (Emetophobia) did not go well together and I would end up in a riiggghhhttt old mess.

For a while my anxiety didn't crop up and it would just be the total irrational fear of being sick that would send me over the edge. At parties where people would drink too much and inevitably be sick, I would be sat somewhere crying. Trying to explain to someone that you are scared of them spewing their guts up is pointless if they don't understand what a phobia feels like.

Then when I was 16 I would have the occasional panic attack if I was in a busy place like a crowded restaurant, I would shake a lot and feel overwhelmed with panic, but then it wouldn't last very long, even then I didn't think I had anxiety, it wasn't even spoken about then, I literally thought this was normal for me and just something I dealt with.

As of this year, my anxiety has sky rocketed and I would say it is even out of control. It came on like 'normal' (right word? not sure) I was at a gig, and had to leave, I was panicky, feeling sick, panicking because I felt sick, then upset because of the whole palaver and why couldn't I just 'be normal'.

After that, it is happening all the time, I now worry that it will happen before I have even got out. For example, I really want to go travelling next year, but I feel like it is really holding me back and I am scared of it.

Of course, this shouldn't be the case for anybody to feel so restrained, together, we can talk about this, help each other, so we can continue to live our lives as panic free as possible. 

This post hasn't come from someone who has all the cures to anxiety, not in the slightest, I am just putting my experience out there.I find it reassuring to talk to other people about it, and it makes you feel less like a 'freak' more like a normal person with a normal problem. Guarantee you know at least 5 people who have anxiety and they can offer strategies in overcoming it. 

So if you want to get involved use the hashtag #LetsTalkAnxiety, tweet your post to @phasesofrobyn and we can get a whole conversation going.

Thank you for reading,

Loadsa love,

B xxx

Eylure No.116 False Lashes

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Oh me oh my, I can't get enough of these lashes! 

I picked up Eylure's No.116 false eyelashes and I can't bring myself to part with them now, I am hooked for life.

I think I got them in Newlook, they display them on the till barrier, so I brought them on a whim really as I am not one to indulge in lashes very often. They are pretty natural, not too heavy and thick, but above normal lashes they make your eyes look super awake and really finish off an everyday eye look.

They are reusable so I have been wearing them all week, they are super easy to apply and last all day. I always make sure I use black liquid liner to disguise the strip of lashes, and they look close to perfectly natural long lashes.

I wear them to work and when I see friends and every time I have had compliments on them saying they look really nice and that they are not obviously false.

I hope these pictures show how lengthening they really are. I did apply a touch of mascara to them just so they blended nicely with my natural lashes.

My normal lashes will never be the same again!

Which falsies do you love the most?

Thankyou for reading, loadsa love, B xxx

Autumn Happies

Monday, 16 November 2015

Hello luuurrrvely people of the blogging world!

I am overjoyed it is Autumn, yes, Summer is wonderful, but I love Autumn, the crisp weather, crunchy leaves, fluffy jumpers and the inevitable build up to Christmas. 

(Right now I have a cat precariously balanced between my keyboard and my tummy- honestly, she could have chosen anywhere!)

Autumn is the time of year where we can start wearing bobble hats and scarfs, I love this and basically had my bobble hat on as soon as it hit October. I love big blankety scarves and always find a nice one in Newlook. This is one I have had since last year which is purple and burgundy - the perfect Autumnal shades.

Lip balm, 
this is an all time must have for Autumn. My lip balm of choice is a slightly pricey Elizabeth Arden 8 hour balm. I get horribly sore lips once it gets colder and I brought this one when I was so desperate to find something to cure them. It is a really nourishing balm and you only need a tiny bit to smooth your lips. It has a tingly sensation when you apply it with a lovely scent.

of course! I was given this 'I Love You To The Moon And Back' vanilla soy candle from my bestie for my birthday and it smells devine, like popcorn, mmhmm.

Hand cream,
 as the colder weather draws in, it is not kind to your skin. You need to keep it hydrated and soft, I use The White Company Noir hand cream. These are my indulgent products and why they are going into my Autumn Happies post. It has the most amazing smell of sandal wood and amber. A warm and sweet smell, which makes me feel very Autumn-y.

obviously not an essential but super cute nonetheless. It is a jewellery holder and I use it to keep my pesky hair bands which often vanish into thin air.

 the concept of this little book is lovely, for you to be able to document the same days of the year for 5 years. To reflect and cherish memories.

Autumn is a time where you can indulge in darker lips and berry shades. I have chosen Rimmel Kate Moss 107 lipstick, which is a matte deep purple-y red shade. Im sure you're familiar with it. As well as this lipstick I am loving Rimmel Black Tulip lipliner, I mentioned this is my top 3 lipliners post, for more information about this beautiful Autumnal liner then check out the link.

Nail varnish, 
I love love love nail varnish for Autumn, well I do for any time of the year, but purple is my favourite colour so I can finally bring it out in Autumn. I often to struggle with nail varnish, because I work in a shop, I am always moving clothes on hangers or rails or bars that they often chip, chipped nail varnish is not a good look but one I am often left with. However I am loving the H&M plum fool polish, it is a lovely creamy pinky purple shade and I find it to be very long-lasting. I also love the colour of Illamasqua in shade Raindrops.

Yayyy, time to bring back smokey eyes and darker shadows!! These are two palettes I love wearing at the moment, both filled with purple through to gold/ copper shades. I spoke about them both in my Naked Vs W7 blogpost.

*grins like a crazy woman* these fairy lights are the most beautiful fairy lights I ever did see, they are tiny little LEDs on a copper wire, and are part of Next's Christmas range. I couldn't resist getting them and can't wait to twist and turn them around my room.

Autumn is such a lovely time of the year where we build up to Christmas and everything festive is just creeping in. It is a time before the shop gets super busy and it's time to enjoy chilly windy walks with the dogs and cosy up with a cup of tea and biscuit.

Thank you for reading, 
what are you loving in Autumn and what makes you happy?

Lots of love, B xxx

Two Books You Need

Sunday, 15 November 2015

These two books are a perfect addition to your book shelf or as a present to a friend.

I am, as you know, a book worm so welcome all sorts into my collection.

One Line a Day memory book is the perfect way to capture memories and reminisce. I love looking at my TimeHop everyday and seeing what I was doing three, four, five years ago and reflecting on how I have grown as a person. 
This book has a page for everyday of the year but with 5 years worth of entries for that one specific day. You can make it as personal or impersonal as you like, choosing the best part of your day you wish to look back on.

It is a perfect size and looks lovely. I have brought this for my friends birthday, if you're unsure of what to get someone, I think this is a pretty perfect gift as it may be something they haven't thought to buy for themselves.

Love Sick by Jessie Cave was a birthday present from my sister, it is a book full of doodles about love, dating, friendship and breaking up. I followed her over on twitter and she posted a doodle a day, which are super funny and relatable. All of her doodles got made into a hilarious book, which is the perfect gift for your bestie or sister.

Each page is uplifting and leaves you wanting to share it with everyone, my friends come over and flip through the books for ages, like "this is soooo me".

Which books are you loving at the moment?

Thanks for reading, B xxx

The Best Budget Winter Perfume

Thursday, 12 November 2015

I get through perfumes like there is no tomorrow and am constantly looking for a new fragrance, as I drown myself it in everyday.

I have found the most lovely perfume in (what I would say) an unlikely place, Next.
I usually wouldn't think of a clothes shop as a place to get a perfume, and one that smells so amazing.

Velvet Bloom is a perfect Winter fragrance, with a base of sandalwood and vanilla, it is a really warming, sweet, comforting smell. It kind of reminds me of vanilla milkshake.
It has top notes of orange blossom which gives it a citrus-y smell when you first spray it, but once it settles it smells incredible.

I have the 30ml bottle which is perfect to keep in your handbag to keep topping it up, and if you're like me, that will be every time you go in your bag.

I have been wearing it everyday and most people have asked me what perfume it is and my friends have gone and brought it for themselves.

I spray the perfume onto my chest, neck and arms, and occasionally onto my hairbrush. Your hair holds fragrance for longer so leaves you smelling sweet all day.

At only £8-£12 it really is a perfume on a budget, but with an expensive payoff. I would say it is a dupe for The White Company's Noir perfume/ fragrance, which is also sandalwood base, but I would even say I prefer the Next one.

All this talking about perfume, I think I need a re-spritz..

What is your favourite Winter perfume?

Thankyou for reading, lots of luuurrrvvvee, B xxx

3 Favourite Lipliners

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Hello fellow lipstick addicts! 

These are my 3 favourite lip liners, I use these all over my lips for a matte colour, but occasionally mix them with a lipstick or lipgloss.

No.1 - Caramel Nougat MUA, this lipliner is £1 but is my favourite lip liner I own, if that isn't obvious by how much I have used and sharpened it. It is a nude, with browny purpley making it quiet a cool nude. I think it is a Kylie Jenner shade and matches her lip colour perfectly, but is only a pound... amazing! It is quite a soft pencil so applies really easily and I don't find it drying at all, which I find a problem with other lipliners.

No.2 - Indian Pink, Rimmel London. This is a hot pink shade, this applies nicely and has a ultra matte finish. I would say it is a dupe for Mac's Flat out Fabulous, which is a hot pink retro matte lipstick. It is also similar to Girl About Town, at only a fifth of the price at only £2.99. 

No.3 - Black Tulip Rimmel, I brought this lipliner for my Halloween costume but love it for everyday looks as well. It is a deep plum shade and is similar to Rimmel 107 lipstick but I prefer this colour as it is not too dark, for my pale skin, it is more wearable and doesn't make me look ghostly. But is a perfect Autumn shade, reminds me of berries and crunchy leaves. I find that Rimmel's lipliner looks more matte once applied and leaves your lips feeling a bit dry, so I do find a lip balm is a good idea over or beneath the lip liner.

Which one is your favourite?

Thankyou for reading...

Lots of love, B xxx

Life Lately With B

Sunday, 8 November 2015

As a blog named Life with B, it is lacking on the life side of things, so I thought I would share with you a little of what is going on with me right now.

I got a promotion a work.. more like an 'add on' to my job role, I work in retail and been given the responsibility of training new members of staff. I was super chuffed that I had been given this position, although have found it a little hard, but am proud of my little self.

I also tried my first ever pumpkin spiced hot chocolate mmmm *drools*. My mum and me went for a little shopping adventure, which, as always, ended in a cute coffee shop.

All our Christmas decorations went up at work, and it looks magical, it has made me so excited for the festive season, I just want to crawl into the window display and live in the Winter Wonderland.

In massive news, my sister Phoebe left for her travelling adventures. She left to go to Australia for 6 months. I was super upset, she is my little sister and I have never been without her for my than 2 weeks (obviously not including when she wasn't born), so my heart broke a little bit. 

I have also been loving Makeup Revolution eyeshadows and creating smokey eyes. Now the weather is getting colder, I have welcomed in the darker shades with open arms. Autumn & Winter makeup and clothes are my all time favourite. The big knitted jumpers and boots is heaven for me.

I have turned into a bit of a Winter bug recently, preferring to stay in after I finish work, watching endless hours of Netflix (Once Upon a Time is amazing) But I did get myself out for Halloween. Which was interesting, and saw a lot of interesting characters....

By far my favourite news recently is I'M GETTING A PUPPY! This little guy is coming to live with us next week and I am over ze moons and ze stars. He is called Dudley and we are adopting him from Cyprus as he was a stray dog who was rescued. He is a dachshund cross and a little cutie. Dudley updates will be on here as I won't be able to resist! 

What have you been up to recently? 

Thankyou for reading, lots of love B xxx

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October Favourites

Friday, 6 November 2015

I say this every month, but honestly I can't believe where the time is going. Its November already and we have 10 months behind us. 

October began with my birthday, then followed by a lot of friend dates, middle-ing with getting a promotion at work, and finishing with my sister leaving on her travels. And wherever I could I filled my hours with watching Once Upon a Time and have completely fallen in love with it, I'm addicted!

So I have had a pretty month, so I only have a few favourites for October, but all of them I have loved and used pretty much everyday.

Makeup Revolution 100 Eyeshadow Collection- You can never have enough eyeshadows and Makeup Revolution eyeshadows are beautiful. They have featured in many of my FOTD's and monthly favourites, they're super pigmented, applies really easily and the colours are perfect. I couldn't resist this palette, it is filled with nudes, mattes & shimmers, for only £12. I can't wait to keep experimenting with it.

Nivea Lip Butter- This doesn't need much explaining but this raspberry rosé pot smells amazing and reminds me of jam doughnuts so I can't stop applying it. I get really sore lips when it comes to changing season, so have been keeping this one in my back pocket at all times to keep them hydrated, the formula is super soft and nourishing so has earned a rightful spot in my October favourites.

No.7 Lipstick in shade Cranberry- This lipstick has been part of my collection for a while, but I have recently rediscovered it as it is a perfect shade for Autumn. Whenever I have worn it, I have been complemented on it and asked what lipstick it is.

H&M Nail Varnish in Plum Fool-  Plum Fool is a perfect shade for Autumn. I recently discovered H&M beauty and couldn't resist this shade. It is a light plum pinky shade, I love the look of it on my nails, and I have to praise it on how long lasting it is, it barely chips and stays looking glossy for days. 

Next Velvet Bloom Eau Du Parfum- This perfume is going to have a whole post of its own, I love it that much! I am such a lover of Next's perfumes, I would never have thought I would find my favourite perfumes from a shop, but it really is delicious! 

(I have had a bit of a purple themed favourites this month, haha!)

What have you been enjoying this month? Leave your links below so I can check them out..

Thankyou for reading, love B xxx

Makeup Wishlist

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

{None of these images are my own}

As someone addicted to makeup, my wish list is as long as my arm.

But these are the products that are at the top of my list at the moment, I also was wondering if any of you have these products and if you would recommend me taking the plunge and purchasing them :)

1- Too Faced, Better Than Sex Mascara. So far I haven't loved a mascara as much as Rimmel Collasal, but I have seen this mascara used in youtube tutorials and it looks so thickening and makes lashes look lush.

2- Nyx liquid liner. This liner looks super precise with its fine nib, perfect for creating long winged liner.

3- Mac Eyeshadow. I only own one mac eyeshadow which is a green one, lets face it, it doesn't get used a lot. I want to get some autumn shades, matte browns and purples.

4- Nars Blush in shade Deep Throat. It is a sheer peach colour and would add a lovely subtle colour to the cheeks. I would love to add Nars to my makeup collection.

5- Mac Lipstick in Creme in your Coffee. Mac lipsticks have the most amazing consistency and the shades are beautiful, so this is the one I have my eye on for my next lipstick purchase. 

6- Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in shade Blush. (I actually want them all, but firstly) I follow ABH on Instagram and they often post videos of applying the liquid lipstick and it seems like it is a really smooth and highly pigmented lipstick. 

7- Makeup Revolution New-Trals vs Neutrals eyeshadow palette. I love makeup revolution, their eyeshadows are perfect and I use them all the time in my Face of the day posts as I usually use their palettes everyday. I love the warm shades in this palettes and looks perfect for Autumn/Winter.

8- Nars Sheer Matte foundation. There has been so much love for the Sheer Glow foundation but I prefer a matte finish.

9- Zoeva brushes, I am in desperate need for new brushes, and these rose gold ones are beautiful, so if I am going to get new brushes they will have to be these ones.

What is on your wish list? 

Thankyou for reading, 
lots of love, B xxx

Frankenstein's Bride // Halloween 2015

Monday, 2 November 2015

(These photos were taken whilst I was overheating in a poorly lit house, so they are not the best, but I wanted to show you the look I created for Halloween this year.)

My friend Hanna, invited me to her halloween party with the theme of Classic Horror. After a lot of Pinterest-ing, I decided to be Frankenstein's bride.

I first of all mixed white face paint with my Revlon Colour Stay Foundation, to make me look more ghostly, I applied this all over my face, down my neck and my chest. And set that with a translucent powder.

For my brows, I used Seventeen Brow's That wax to shape my eyebrows, I made them super high and long, then filled them in with a dark brown eyeshadow.

I then used a green eyeshadow by MUA to contour** my face, under my cheek bones, on my forehead and in the corners of my eyes. 

For my eyes, I made them super smokey with white eyeshadow on the lid, then created a cut crease with a black kohl liner, then smudged that out, and also used that under my eyes. Then I made a super long winged liner with Collection Liquid Liner. Between the two lines, I used a white kohl liner and also used this in my water line.

I then applied Eylure No116 lengthening lashes, which looked amazing on with the intense smoky eye, and topped off with Maybelline Falsies mascara.

For my lips and 'stitches' I used Rimmel lip liner in Black Tulip, which is a really deep plum shade. I first of all drew the down wards stitches and added depth my using a brush to smudge them a bit, then drew on the middle stitches with some crossed and finishing them off with the dots on the end.

For my hair, I curled it all, applied aloooooot of hairspray, backcombed it, pinned it up, leaving two strands either side of my face. I then used a hair spray in white to spray those bits white (which took a lot of spraying and mess) and pinned them back too.

For my outfit, I wore a white lace dress from Boohoo (Link here) 

I was super pleased with the finished look, I love dressing up and face paint and all that malarky.

What did you dress up as this halloween? 

Thankyou for reading, loadsa love, B xxx

**(contour? Is that the right word when referring to it being green?!)