Water • Day 29

Monday, 29 February 2016


Its the end of February  already, can you believe it!? 
 I hope you have all had a lovely month and have enjoyed my little photography series :)

I am really lucky to live next to the sea in Cornwall, so I am always taking Dudley for walks on the beach. As the sun was out today it was an easy option for my 'Water' post today!  

Thankyou so much to everyone who has read, commented or retweeted my posts this month! It has meant so much to me and I am very grateful!

Photographing and posting everyday has made the month go by super quickly, I was so surprised to find that this was the last post I would be writing. Its March tomorrow and my posts will return to normal. I do enjoy doing these photography diaries, no doubt I will do one again in the Summer like I did last year :)

Hello to my new followers! I am glad you like it here enough to follow!!

Heres to a Happy March to everyone, comment below what you have planned...

Lots of love, B xox

View Today • Day 28

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Helloooo! Ahh tomorrow's the last day of this little photography diary, I hope you have enjoyed it!

I have been at work all day today, and this evening I am off to my friend's house to make dinner and watch Keeping up with the Kardashians, party hard comes to mind ;)

In between though I am using my spare time to do some writing on my laptop... in bed of course! My cat is also curled up next to me sleeping and I have a cup of tea and a biscuit (obviously) 

I love getting blog posts written and scheduled makes me feel so accomplished!

What have you been up to today? 

Thankyou so much for reading and I will see you tomorrow,

lots of love, B xox

In My Cup • Day 27

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Hello everyone!!

I hope you are all having a lovely Saturday?!

Moustache Jacks is a little bar / coffee shop in St Austell, Cornwall, home to the best hot chocolate I have ever had.

What is in my cup - hot chocolate topped with cream, marshmallows, jelly beans, more chocolate and white chocolate stars = Amazing!!

If you live in Cornwall, I 100% recommend indulging in one of these 'Fat Jacks'.

I went with my best friend because we needed a bit of cheering up, and it defiantly did the trick.

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"  

Kate Moss obviously never had one of these then did she!? Haha, I will never be a skinny mini! 

Thankyou so much for reading and I will see you tomorrow,

lots of love, B xox

Colourful • Day 26

Friday, 26 February 2016

Hello lovelies and happy Friday!

Its raining here today and I am eating a bowl of coco pops, day dreaming of a beautiful breakfast like this one.

I am always on pinterest find all these beautiful pictures of smoothie and fruit bowls, soggy chocolate puffed rice doesn't really compare does it!

I also really need to get back into healthy eating, I am not even sure of the last time I ate a berry. (You will see why in tomorrows post)

Just a short post from me today as I am at work all day today!

Thankyou so much for reading and I will see you tomorrow,

lots of love, B xox

Nature • Day 25

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Happy Thursday everyone! This week has gone so quickly, time is getting away from me at the moment. I am in the process of editing my February Vlog, Im thinking I might combine February and March together though to make it a bit more interesting :D

Nature. I'm surrounded by nature all the time, I didn't know if I could photograph it though in an interesting way. A while ago, I was playing around with my camera on the manual settings (oo-err very technical) but I managed to teach myself about F-stops and what not, I snapped this picture of a bee which, I must say, I am quite proud of!

Life with B bee! I hope you like it, I am really looking forward to Spring, the sun getting a little warmer, flowers making a colourful appearance and of course Easter Eggs ;) No I don't always have chocolate on my mind what do you mean? Haha!

In between rainy showers today I am off for a little adventure around Cornwall armed with my camera!

Hope you all have a lovely day 

Thankyou so much for reading and I will see you tomorrow,

lots of love, B xox

Illustration Of Yourself • Day 24

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Heya lovelies!

Todays title is something I was nervous for, I haven't done any art in years and drawing portraits is defiantly not my specialism! 

But it was exciting to have something which would challenge me. So I picked up my pen and got drawing. Its not my best but I hope you like it anyway :)

I did art as GCSE and then A Level, before having to really knuckle down for my exams and produce work everyday I did enjoy art, I was really creative and would be drawing all the time. Now I hardly ever do it, although when I do I love creating it for me, without the pressure of grades and explaining myself!

I also found blogging is the perfect way to unleash my creativity, I hope you enjoy it too :) 

Only 5 days left of February, lets make it count!

Thankyou so much for reading and I will see you tomorrow,
lots of love, B xox

Bubbles • Day 23

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Once upon a time, when I had just started LifewithB, I went to Berlin. I was just grasping how to blog and created two whole posts on my trip away. (You can read about it here) Now I have a whopping 600 followers on Bloglovin (THANKYOU SO MUCH!) so thought I would share this photo again, because I love it and I hope you do too!

I was prancing around outside the Berlin concert hall, where a street performer was creating millions of bubbles. My inner child was thrilled and I couldn't help but try and pop them. 

My mum took this photo and it makes me giggle. This was the only sunny day we were there so we were really lucky to stumble upon the bubble man whilst the sun was shining.

I would really love to visit Berlin again because there is so much more for me to explore, have you been to Berlin? Is the bubble man always there? Why are bubbles so fascinating no matter how old you are?! Tell me the answers! Haha!

Thankyou so much for reading and I will see you tomorrow,

lots of love, B xox

What Makes Me Smile • Day 22

Monday, 22 February 2016

Aloha beauties!!

I know its Monday, and Monday's have a tendency to be a bit rubbish. But I do hope some smiles have crept into your day!! 

I thought about what I would post for today, a lot of things came to mind, a lot of things make me smile, how could I just restrict it to one for this post! 

So instead I thought about WHO makes me smile, and that has to be my friends.

I love it when my diary is filled to the brim with plans and outings with my closest friends, often I try to see all of them every week (which is hard when they live all over the place).

Recently I have become really close with work friends, we have made sure to make time for each other outside of work - whether that being a quick coffee and cake date or a pub quiz. It is the best feeling knowing you have things to look forward to with people you love.

I don't want to dwell on recent bad times, and my anxiety has really gotten the better of me,  but you're real friends will be there throughout. If they are reading this (I'm sure they're not unless they have found me buried within the internet) than I am SO THANKFUL! Thankyou for always making me smile,
thankyou for dancing when we were meant to be working,
for texting me that buzz feed link,
for asking me how my day was,
for being there for me,
and thankyou for being you, with me. You are the best.

I also want to share with you a funny moment that happened to me last week which brought me a lot of joy, my lovely friend Kady and I went to the Eden Project to keep her kids entertained. At Eden they have a really high look out point, which takes 66 (terrifying) steps to get to, which you can see through and it shakes as you walk up it. Kady couldn't go up because she is pregnant, so I offered to take Aleigha and Jowin up for her because they really wanted to. I. Was. Terrified. As it came to our turn, I was shaking and wondering why I had agreed to this because A. I am afraid of heights and B. I thought I was going to be sick.
 Anyway, up we walked, Aleigha running a head like a crazy child (honestly taking one step at a time was scary enough) and so I was left with Jowin, the sweetest four year old boy, I said "Do you want to hold my hand?!" (more like begging because I needed the moral support) and he replied with "NO! Im fine" Hahha! I laughed and thought Im not fine! When we got to the top they called me over to show me how amazing it was and I felt so happy I had got to the top and not chickened out! 

I love little simple moments like that, they make you truly happy :)

Whats made you smile this week or today?

"Never underestimate the importance of having a person in your life who can always make you smile"

Thankyou so much for reading and I will see you tomorrow,

lots of love, B xox

OOTD 'That White Shirt' • Day 21

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Hello beauties!!

This is my very first OOTD post so please forgive me!

I am not the most stylish, blue jeans and a wooly jumper will do me fine. 

Having said that, I really love this casual white shirt I brought the other day.

I tend to avoid wearing white because I have very pale skin and I hate the look where you can see your bra through the fabric because it is so thin.

But I love this one because it is fairly thick, super soft (its 100% cotton) so no bra peeping through or having to wear a cami underneath. 

I have worn this shirt a couple of times, paired with blue or black jeans and brown ballet pumps.

And the best part is, it was only £20! 

Thankyou so much for reading and I will see you tomorrow,

lots of love, B xox

Behind The Blogging Scenes • Day 20

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Hi lovely ladies!

Behind the perfectly positioned and edited photographs, there is a blogger, in an awkward position trying to get the best light, angle and background.

Flat lays are hard ok! Trying to stop things from rolling away, making sure the cat doesn't walk over it, and that the carpet hasn't crept into the frame.

First of all, my ideas are all jotted into my notepad, rather messily, with lots of arrows and quick drawings showing how I want to post to look and brief bullet points. 

I then collect all my bits and pieces together that I want to photograph or use.

Then I choose which background to use. Anything to cover up my grey carpet! 
Now this is where you can be creative, I have a selection of patterned paper from a scrapbook making kit, I use the pink ones most often.
Wallpaper is also really handy, if you can find a nice neutral one, you can then create a perfect background, try looking for a white wooden one or marble effect one. (Top blogging secret right there)
I have also recently purchased a white foam board from Hobbycraft. Linked here <<  to create a crisp white background, it is more sturdy than wallpaper on carpet, so it keeps everything in place because the foam keeps it flat.

Then to photograph your creation! 
I either use my Sony a5000 camera, I haven't quite got the knack of it yet though, I can't seem to work the macro settings oops... Or I use my iPhone 6. I use my phone the most, because of the way I edit my photographs. I find the camera on the phone to be of such good quality, more so in bright natural light, the images are always so crisp, I am always so impressed!

Like I said I find it easier to take the photographs on my phone because I use apps to edit my images, although my camera has wifi so you can send photographs directly to my phone as well. I use VSCO cam, Afterlight and Avery.

I then write up my posts on my laptop and click publish, viola! 

What are your blog editing top tips?

Thankyou so much for reading and I will see you tomorrow,

lots of love, B xox

Random Act Of Kindness • Day 19

Friday, 19 February 2016

Hello lovelies!

Tomorrow shall we all pledge to do at least one random act of kindness and make someones day?

Today I am taking in a batch of cupcakes to work, brighten up an otherwise boring day in the shop. Also who doesn't love cake!?

Here are a few ideas of mine -

1. Write out a cute card like this one, to a friend, your mum, your granny, your work colleague, letting them know how grateful you are for them. Thank them for putting a smile on your face, by doing so, you will put a smile on theirs.

2. Take a coffee / hot chocolate to someone you love, whilst they are working.

3. Offer to make dinner or do the washing up.

4. If you have time left on your car park ticket, pass it on to the next driver.

5. Tell someone they look great today, that their makeup is fab, or you like what they did with their hair.

6. If you enjoyed a book, pass it on to someone you think will enjoy it. 

7. Leave a nice comment on an Instagram, Facebook status or blog post.

8. Ask your work colleague to join your for lunch, you know a nice place where they do amazing pizzas.

9. Offer those lipsticks that you've never worn to your friends.

10. Wish someone a lovely day!

If we all did at least one thing, we can spread a little extra kindness, watch out its contagious!

Thankyou so much for reading and I will see you tomorrow,

lots of love, B xox

Throwback • Day 18

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Oh hello there! How are you today? 

Happy throwback Thursday to you!

This photograph was taken four years ago FOUR. Thats crazy to me, at the time I was in my last year of school. Not yet feeling the stress of exams, completely carefree. Spending all my days at friend's houses, making pancakes and watching movies.

On this particular occasion, my friend Emily and I had decided to spend our day taking photos. Did anyone else do this? Have 'photoshoots'? 

Anyway I thought this was a nice little photograph to share with you from 4 years ago, I feel like it perfectly captures my love of life at age 16.

Thankyou so much for reading and I will see you tomorrow,

lots of love, B xox

Home • Day 17

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Good afternoon beauties!

I thought a lot about what defines 'home' to me. Currently I live in a brick house, on a sweet street, in a little town, with my mum, puppy Dudley and cat Tiff.

I grew up on a little farm, with lots of sheep but when I was 10, we moved into the house we live in now, the best part for me was living next door to my best friend. 

I feel very lucky to live here, as I grew into my teens, we would finish our school day, walk into town, sit by the river, eat takeaway fish & chips, swinging our legs back and forth over the river, meet friends in the park, play games in the street, walk our dogs and at in summer have street parties with lots of cake and bunting.

I developed into the person I am today by living here, my best friend and I would spend every night playing with makeup, learning dance routines and playing pranks on the boys in the street. As we grew older we would have parties and mix our parents drinks together to create some god awful cocktail.

I know if I had continued to live on the little farm, I would have grown up completely differently and for that I am grateful to my mum for spoiling me with a home full of friendship and safety.

Although, my home, always will be, Cornwall.

Cornwall probably brings a sunny image to your mind, of beaches, pasties, cream teas,  Summer holidays, am I right?

It really is beautiful and I am incredibly proud to call it home.

I have often heard or been told to leave Cornwall, there is so much more going on in the world. For me, of course I want to travel and experience the world, but ultimately I want to return to my safe haven in Cornwall. 

One of my closest friends moved to Cornwall from North England, and she said she would never move back. It is a pretty calm county, no major roads, you might get stuck behind a tractor making you late for work but thats about it!

I took this photograph, on a sunny October day, on the river Fowey. I have spent a lot of my days here and it has a big place in my heart.

What do you consider home? 

Thankyou so much for reading and I will see you tomorrow,

lots of love, B xox

In My Bag • Day 16

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Hi guys!

My bag is like a never ending well of receipts, cinema tickets, tissues, lipsticks and leaves?!(yes found 2 whilst scooping out its contents) Aside from that are my 'essentials' items that I carry around with me day to day. 

My bag itself is from Zara. Its black with a gold zip, two small handles and one long strap.  It is fake leather (I presume as it was only £20) and is slouchy rather than structured. The best part is is that it holds quite a lot without being bulky and heavy.

So what do I carry around with me?

Purse - obviously an essential. This duck egg blue one is from Primark, the main storage for my reams of receipts and the odd pennies.

Camera - As I am attempting to vlog this year my camera is coming along with me, it is the Sony a5000, I love it because it has a flip screen :)

Tangle Teezer - This is one especially for handbags because it has a protective cover so the bristles don't get squished. I am always in need of a hairbrush because my hair is like a birds nest, oops!

Sunglasses - well these are for just incase, just in case the sun does come out! This pair is from H&M.

Diary & Pen - The diary is from My Little Box, I am so forgetful, I have a tendency to double book myself, so it is so handy having this trusty cute diary with me.

Hand Sanitiser -  Couldn't go anywhere without it, no germs are coming near me thank you very much!

Hand Cream - Seen as it is a bit chilly at the moment, my hands need to be topped up with moisture every so often, this little one is from My Little Box as well.

Nivea Lip Butter - Same as above, can't go having chapped lips, also this smells amazing, like jam doughnuts!

4Head - This is a perfect on the go relief for headaches, you just swipe it across your forehead for a natural remedy. It is made from Levomenthal, so feels really cooling when you pop it on.

Perfume - This is a super sweet perfume from The Library of Fragrance called Sunshine. It reminds me of summer, it smells of suntan lotion and vanilla ice cream, it is a small enough bottle perfect for your handbag.

Lipstick - I always carry around with me the lipstick I am wearing that day to keep the colour topped up.

Hair Grips - This things like to hide everywhere, but you can usually find a few in the depths of my bag in case of hair emergencies!

What do you always carry around in your bag?

Thankyou so much for reading and I will see you tomorrow,

lots of love, B xox