The Daily Face | Summer

Monday, 23 May 2016

Hello blogging bees! 

How is everyone today? Thankyou for coming to my blog for a little beauty reading. 

My daily face is pretty simple at the moment. I have scaled back the eyeshadow and loving having a much more simple makeup look, with lots of mascara and bronzer instead.

Ok, so first of all I start with a primer.
I have oily skin, so primer is a MUST to make sure your makeup isn't going anywhere. I use The Body Shop Tea Tree one because it is suitable for blemish prone skin. 

I then use Collection Concealer in Fair because it is a pretty high coverage thick concealer it is perfect for concealing dark circles and any redness. I blend this in using a beauty blender. 

For foundation, I use my all time favourite which is Revlon Colourstay for Oily/ Combination skin in shade Buff. I apply this using a foundation brush by Crown, or with a beauty blender. I love the finish of this foundation it is super high coverage and lasts all day. 

To keep all of that in place I pop on some pressed powder with a beauty blender, I have brought and rebrought Rimmel Stay Matte powder for years, I LOVE it and its really good value for money. 

To finish off my face I use Next's Shimmer Brick, I wrote a whole review on it HERE. I love it  and apply it to my cheekbones, my forehead / temples and jawline. 
I then use Nars Orgasm blush because it has a gold shimmer so goes really well with the bronzer and is perfect for summer. 

For brows I use the Rimmel Brow This Way palette, using an angled brush and creating an arch and filling them in (as you can see it has been well loved)

Keeping your eyes pretty simple it gives you extra time in bed in the morning (yes!) so I have just been layering up the mascara for super long lashes. I have gone back to using Maybellines Colossal mascara which is really good for building up lots of length and doesn't smudge. 

Finally for makeup, I use Mac's Brave lipstick. Which is a satin dusty pink shade, it is perfect to wear everyday and I find it goes with everything. I actually need to buy a new one because I've nearly used all of this one up!

So that is it for my everyday makeup, it really is so simple at the moment and I am loving the extra time in the morning and this is my Daily Face, mwah!

What makeup are you loving at the moment?

Loadsa loving, 

B xxx

Dear ANXIETY | I'm Exhausted

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Hello everyone!

As you may already know, I talk about anxiety a lot on here, because I have it, and it is something I really struggle with. I know so many people are affected by it, so together we can talk about it, you don't need to be embarrassed. I wrote about it here in my #LetsTalkAnxiety post so you could always read about how it started for me, and trying to end the mental health stigma. 

Gemma Corell, has been posting her illustrations under the hashtag #MENTALILLNESSFEELSLIKE and it got me thinking about how it makes me feel and personifying it. If you wanted to see her drawings, visit her Facebook page, and you can share the posts and feel free to write your own posts to explain how you feel. 

Recently it has really taken its toll. It is something that is always on mind, so it was about time I addressed anxiety and told it exactly how it was making me feel, and that I have had enough. 

Dear Anxiety.

You're still here and can I just say, you have overstayed your welcome. 

You turned up uninvited to that party, on holiday, when I went out with the girls, whenever I am in a crowd of people, at a family meal and sometimes you like to make an appearance in the middle of the night 

To be honest, I am exhausted. 
You squeeze me so tight, absorbing my whole being. 
Anxiety; everyone knows you to be, maybe feeling nervous, shaking, a pounding heart. But I know you to take over my entire life. You aren't just some butterflies, you are birds flapping their wings so strongly, making me so sick. 

I am part of a huge tug of war 24/7, because you hate all the things I love. My mind is constantly fighting you to leave me alone, telling you I CAN DO IT. But then you always win because YOU CANT DO IT screams so much louder. 

I am tired of saying 'I'll think about it' rather than Yes, a million times yes. 

Unfortunately for you Anxiety, as much as you would like to stay, I cannot live with you anymore. 


Beth x

I wish I could just hand Anxiety its eviction notice, or take some medicine like you would for a sore throat and it would be gone. This is something I am learning to cope with and get over, all I know for the time being is that I cannot carry on living with it like it is at the moment. 

If you want to create your own post, feel free to tag me in it or use the #mentalillnessfeelslike I will share it and remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Thankyou for reading, 

lots of love, B xxx


Monday, 16 May 2016


How are you today? 

Recently I went to MAC and obviously couldn't resist adding a new lipstick to my collection. I wanted to get one perfect for Spring/ Summer, and one I could wear everyday. 

I tried a couple on and loved Fanfare.
It is a Creamsheen lipstick, so has a glossy finish. My favourite finish is Satin, so to wear Creamsheen I like to pop a lip liner underneath to intensify the colour and give it a good base to sit on. 

This shade is currently sold out on Mac's official website, probably because it is the perfect colour for Spring. It is a soft rosy pink shade, with a hint of coral. 

I have a pale cool skin tone and this really warms it up, it would pair really well with a rose gold eyeshadow and Nars Orgasm blush - which has a gold shimmer to it. 

My other favourite everyday lipstick is Brave by Mac which is more of a dusty pink, because that is has a Satin finish I find it lasts a lot longer than Creamsheen. But applying it with a brush or on top of a lipliner it lasts so much longer than it would without a base, because it is so glossy.

Here it is on ^ I wore it with, Revlon Colourstay foundation in Buff, 
Collection Concealer in Fair,
Rimmel Stay Matte powder in Translucent, 
Rimmel Brow This Way brow palette in Medium Brown,
Nars Blush in Orgasm,
with lots of Rimmel Colossal Mascara.

Which is your favourite lipstick for Spring / Summer?

Thankyou for reading and see you very soon!

Lots of love, B xxx

My Little Box • May

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Ciao Bella!

This month's My Little Box is Italian themed, Dolce Vita means a life of heedless pleasure and luxury. And this box certainly contains a little bit of luxury! 

I love receiving these boxes because they are such a treat because they contain little beauty bits that you would never would have brought before (because they are super expensive) and they are always so lovely!

I was so surprised to find this tiny little box which contained a beautiful little ring (worth £12 - the box is £11!!) I never really buy jewellery but I love this, and it will be nice to wear in the Summer.

I am like a child at Christmas when I open up this box and delve straight into the beauty drawstring bag, where there is always three delicate items inside. 

In this month's box was Baïja Body Oil which is fragranced with Green Tea and Jamine - it smells amazing. I love to apply body oil after getting out the bath, I have quite dry skin so this really helps to moisturise it and it leaves it feeling instantly nourished. 
A 50ml bottle of this Body Oil is worth 16,90¢ (My Little Box is a french company so all the pricing is in Euros.)

Also inside was a tester size bottle of perfume called La Fille De L'Air, it is a beautiful feminine fragrance, perfect for Summer, with scents of Orange and Neroli. It smells very fresh and improves as it sits on your skin, I have it on now, and I am loving it! The perfume retails at about £70, so it is a joy to be able to test this out and I will be popping it in my handbag to apply it throughout the day.

My Little Box always contains one of their own beauty items made by My Little Beauty. This month is a little tube of gradual tan, to get our legs up to speed in the tanning game ready for Summer. It smells amazing, I am yet to try it on my legs, fake tan never goes well for me, but I am hoping this one will just add a little natural colour. I have never been disappointed by My Little Beauty and partially love their brightening moisturiser and hand cream. 

Lastly in this months Dolce Vita box is a beautiful floral headband, perfect to hide any bad hair day!

I love this box and have been subscribed to it since October, feel free to go and read my reviews for each box I have received.

 If you wanted more information on the monthly subscription box, then visit their website here <<

Do you receive any monthly subscription boxes?

Thankyou for reading, 

lots of love,

B xxx

LIFE | Where Have I Been?

Monday, 9 May 2016

Hello lovely blog readers.

I have been away, and I am so sorry, but life got a bit hectic after March, let me explain. 

Ok, so in my What I've Been Upto post, I had been pretty busy, I was here there and everywhere seeing friends and working a lot, I also didn't have many spare pennies to get new makeup and review it on here. 

On that day, I had a car accident. And, it was horrible. I was on my way to work on a busy dual carriageway and someone drove into me, sending my car spinning and hitting the central reservation. Then they drove away, leaving me super confused and scared. Suddenly I had paramedics in my car asking me if I was ok, and strangers peering in telling me they saw the other car drive away. I was in shock and couldn't stop crying. The police came and my car was taken away. It was probably the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I can't really remember what happened now, and I am so grateful that I came out ok. Lets face it, it could have been a lot worse, but it has affected my confidence and everything has been a bit chaotic and stressful.

My car was then written off, and it has been phone call after phone call to the police and insurance companies, trying to sort it all out. I then had to quickly get my sisters car sorted so I had something to drive and I think from the shock I had an aching back and came down with a really sore throat. 

I have only just been able to sort it out and managed to get the money back from my car and put a deposit onto a new car which is exciting but also daunting because all I can think about is the crash and if it will happen again. 

Having this time away from social media has helped me get back on track and make plans for LifeWithB and I missed writing so much (I know I published a few posts but not as many as I like to) and I will keep you updated as much as possible!

So hopefully now that everything has settled down again, I get back to blogging more regularly and get back to talking lipsticks and mascaras :D

Thankyou for reading and see you very soon!

Lots of love, B xxx

Cute OOTD | Spring

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Hello beautifuls!!

I am so excited now that is Spring, and we can stop wearing a million layers, wellies and rain coats. 

I am a stripy top and jeans kind of gal, as you can see!

Anyway I picked up these cute bits to freshen up my wardrobe a little bit (I was told I didn't need anymore stripy tops, but really, can you have too many!?) 

These grey jeans are from Next, they are called leggings, but they are just super skinny jeans. I had these in black from their summer 2015 collection and I wore them so much that they were practically falling apart (I loved them). They are super comfortable and stay skinny, because they do a petite range it is a god send to me, being only 5ft, jeans tend to carry on down past my toes but these are perfect. 

The soft stripy top is from Newlook, it was only £7.99 and it is the perfect everyday top. It is thick enough so you can't see your bra through it (yay!!) I usually find that that is a problem with white tops. It is also 3/4 length sleeve, which I love for summer.

The brown tan pumps are from H&M, I actually had the exact same pair last year (I am a creature of habit) but Dudley ate them, and I just had to get them again because they are super cute and go with anything. 

To finish off this minimal cute outfit, I have chosen this sweet little bangle from Next. It is silver (in colour) and has a little knot in it. It reminded me of Kate Spade's knot rings, obviously without the price tag. 

For lipstick, I am loving Mac's Brave and practically wear it every day. It is the perfect pink shade which goes well with a little bronzer and long lashes.

What clothes are you loving this Summer?

Loadsa love, B xxx