Thursday, 13 July 2017

As a 16 year old, I was badly applying fake tan, walking over to my friends house in my socks, drinking tea before spitting it out from laughing too much, avoiding doing any school work, and tie dying all my clothes pink. I made some mistakes as a teenager, as everyone does, so I have written down my advice I have learnt the hard way. 

1. Look after your skin. You know what, you need to moisturise, and sun cream is your friend. Don't trust anyone who tells you baby oil works as sun cream & will help you get a tan. Take it from my friend who ended up in A&E, it ain't pretty. Also sudocrem is great for spots, I'll tell you what isn't great for spots, is sticking pins in them, squeezing them & over scrubbing your face. Get yourself to Lush or The Body Shop and ask them what they recommend. Also spots don't last forever, its just hormones being a bitch. 

2. Drinking cheap white wine through a straw will make you sick. Again, people love to tell you otherwise, cut to 4 hours later when have projectile vomited on your bathroom floor. 

3. No one actually walks in heels AND is comfortable. The two just don't go hand in hand, You will never hear someone say ' God! These heels are a dream! I will wear this every day!' Wear flats babe, you'll thank me later. 

4. Wear your retainer, if you have one. For the love of God, wear your retainer! Stop telling yourself your teeth won't move because they will, then you will cry and remember the time when you're teeth were straight and how you wished you had worn it. I am of course talking from personal experience and now facing a huge dentist bill if I want to fix them (again!)

5. You don't have to do what everyone else is doing. You find it boring, don't waste time trying to be cool. Embrace the stuff you love & be yourself, then people will love you for you really are, and you'll have the best time. 

6. Get insurance. Yeah alright a bit of a boring one, but when you, hungover, go to put your phone in your pocket, miss, and it hits the cold hard pavement, you will be fucked

7. Keep a diary. You are going through one of the hardest, yet most hilarious time of your life. Write entires whenever you feel like it, you're older self will be so thankful you did, memories are the best and its so interesting to look back at your point of view from when you were younger. 

8. Body confidence is a tricky one. You may not be totally 100% satisfied with your body (yet!). One of the biggest lessons I learnt, was that I can't change my skeleton. I can't make my legs longer, I can't make myself taller. So instead, find the clothes that suit you best, tell yourself your boobs are great, your legs are fabulous, and that you are beautiful. Stop worrying, you don't know how amazing you look!

9. Cystitis is a bitch, and to be avoided at all costs. Go for a wee straight after having sex. I am telling you now, straight away. I sat in minor injuries, in my work uniform, crying, as a nurse examined my wee and prescribed me antibiotics for a week. 

10. You don't need to have it all figured out. It doesn't matter if you don't have an opinion on everything. Or know what you're going to study at uni, or if you even want to go to uni. Just because everyone else is doing one thing doesn't mean you have to as well. Use your time to learn about yourself, what you enjoy, who you want to be friends with. Experience life, don't let it just happen to you. 

11. Forget about being 'pretty'. I dread to think how many hours and how much money I spent on clothes that didn't suit me, because someone else looked cool in them, or trying to do my hair in a certain way because everyone on instagram was going it in that way. Re define what you think is pretty. Unfollow those accounts which make you feel insecure, buy that jumper because it keeps you warm and wear bright pink lipstick because you love it! Be pretty funny, pretty clever, pretty kind, pretty confident, pretty badass.

12. Be friends with boys. I was amongst a few friendship groups in school, and whilst I had my best friends who were girls, I also had a few best friends who were boys and I learnt so much from them. You know what, they can't be bothered to listen to the gossip, instead they'll play fruit ninja with you or air guitar to blink 182, and give you iced gems to make you feel better. They are just your mate, who won't talk about you behind your back or criticise a dress you wore (not saying all girls are like, neither are all boys, but they make good friends and you can do stupid stuff with them without worrying about being judged)

13. Talcum powder is a great alternative for dry shampoo in emergency situations. 

14. Products & advertising is designed to make you feel insecure and inadequate without them hence getting you to spend money on them. When in reality you don't need it and they put a lot of effort in to making it seem like the best thing ever and you need it in your life. They could make you buy a cat poo if they put over the right music and said the right things. For example, diet tea's (they make you have the shits) fanny deodorant (its self cleaning, who knew?!) its all a big con to make money.

15. Most importantly, have fun & do stupid stuff. There are these great things called anecdotes that you tell your mates in the pub. At the time, it may have been the stupidest thing you've ever done, but it will make a great story later, remember that. Forget about trying to impress people, be young and carefree, because before you know it you will be a 'real' adult and have to pay bills and do boring stuff like go to work. Lastly, nobody actually has 'their shit together' its all just a big lie, we're all just pretending. 

Thankyou for reading, feel free to share this post if you liked it. 

Beth xx


Monday, 10 July 2017

Last week I took so many pictures, and seen as I haven't done a weekly round up post for a while I thought I would put one together for you. 

Sorry I haven't blogged very much, I have been feeling pretty under the weather when I haven't been at work, I keep going back to bed because of headaches, not fun!

I'll start the week on Sunday because that was the day after my tunes in the dunes post.

We spent the day wondering around Eden in the sun. 
My mum's best friend had come with us to stay, so we took the opportunity to show her around Cornwall, and of course it involved a Cornish pasty for lunch.  Forgotten how much I love these!

On Monday, I took my friend to work with me because she had an induction to come and work with us for a bit. To celebrate her getting a job, we went out for coffee and cake at this amazing cafe called Strong Adolfos, if you're ever near Wadebridge you need to go there!

That evening we went to go and see Baby Driver & it was amazing! Probably one of the best films I have ever seen, if you haven't seen it yet you need to! 

It turns out I didn't take any photos on Tuesday but I went for a run in the morning, then we did a HIIT workout, made tuna pasta for lunch & Love Island, I know, I gave in. 

On Wednesday, we headed to St Ives for a spa day, my mum found a 'good deal' and we got super lost and ended up being late for our treatments. It was such a hot day and we spent the day there before heading into the town for some dinner. St Ives is one of my favourite places in Cornwall, even though it's about 2 hours away from me, I wish I could go there more often.

On Thursday, we went to give blood. I had never done it before but signed up a few months ago, I had to wait for ages because my height / weight wasn't right or something. It was a really nice experience and only lasted about 10 minutes and didn't hurt. I was really worried I would have a panic attack but I was fine and I will definitely do it again. 
I didn't want to show you a picture of a needle, so here is some peonies I brought myself afterwards. I love them!

I worked all day on Friday but before I went in, I visited my friend in her coffee shop and she made me a hot chocolate and we tried to fill out all the games in the free newspaper.

The weekend finally arrived and it was so sunny. We started the day going for a run, doing another HIIT workout (they are bloody hard!) eating strawberries & yoghurt and then going to the beach. 
We went to Caerhays beach, which is on the Roseland Peninsula, a really beautiful part of Cornwall. They have a beach cafe, so we had lunch, the food was amazing and they had music playing, it was like being on holiday. 

Then I was back at work on Sunday and I am in pretty much every day this week as we have a sale on, I'll see you on the other side!

How's your week been?

Thankyou for reading, Beth xxx


Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Tunes in the Dunes is a beach festival held in Cornwall, in Perranporth. After wanting to go for a few years, we booked tickets back in March & the day finally came. Thankfully the sun even shined, considering the night before it rained so much they couldn't even open the main stage. As I took a few photos, I wanted to share them with you here.

We started the day running pretty late, at Kady's, applying our glitter (obviously a festival essential.) I brought 3 little pots of chunky 'festival' glitter off of Amazon, the one I wore was called 'Mermaid Glitter' I think. I applied it using a PaintGlow glitter glue which worked really well. 
My eyelashes are No.116 from Eylure & my lipstick is Seoul Soft Matte Lipcream from NYX. 

The atmosphere was so great, there was loads of food stalls & drinks bars, unfortunately we missed the first act we wanted to see, so we went and got some drinks and found a space in the crowd to watch an acoustic session. 

I went with two of my best friends, Kim & Kady, who I work with. I love them both so much and we had a lovely day, enjoying the sunshine, dancing and singing (badly) along with the bands. 

My outfit -
Sunglasses - H&M
Crop Top - Newlook
Shorts - Primark
Belt - Boohoo
Handbag - Boohoo
Hoodie - Hollister
Shoes - Vans (5 years ago)
Raincoat - Primark

The highlight of the night for me was seeing Billy Ocean, we all sang along to his cheesy songs, and Kim asked me to get on her shoulders, I was so scared and asked to get down immediately afterwards. 

As it got towards the end of the evening, it got really busy, people started packing into the crowd of the main stage before Clean Bandit played. I felt quite claustrophobic and was really worried about having a panic attack, but I was ok! Yay!

Clean Bandit's set was so good, at one point, a stag do turned up next to us, all in an array of fancy dress costumes, so first came Bob The Builder, then a Monk, then a Mexican in a sombrero, followed by an elephant. The things you see at festivals.

I often put off events like this & definitely nights out because of my anxiety, but with really compassionate friends who understand, anxiety didn't ruin my evening, and overall we all had a great time. It went so quickly, wish I could re-do the day all over again. 

Have you guys been to any festivals this year or planning on going to any?

Thankyou for reading,

Lots of love, Beth xxx

netflix • what i've been watching

Monday, 12 June 2017

hello there, I am always looking for suggestions for what to watch and make the most of my subscription on netflix, so thought I would do an updated version of what I've been watching. 

Its funny at work, one of my friends and I are always giving each other lists of things to watch, so some of these things she has suggested to me, and the other's I've suggested to her. It's when I made her a list and wondered why I hadn't made a blog post out of it, so here we are. 

This Is England. 

The fourth instalment is on netflix, so I watched the previous ones of demand 4, and you do have to watch them in order, because me not knowing anything, watched the last one first and nothing made sense. I just love the characters, all the actors are so good, Vicky McClure and Joe Gilgun are incredible actors, and everyone's character is just perfect. The way its filmed, the wardrobes, makeup, and storylines are so nostalgic so the 80's and 90's  subcultures and it feels so real watching it. It is definitely a binge worthy watch, I have just finished it and wished there was more, so I hope they do another series. 


I put off watching this for ages, I guess because I didn't hear much about it, people weren't talking about it on twitter so I think it flew under the radar a bit. But its so good! I think i watched both series in 2 days. It is so funny and the characters are so relatable. It has actors in from misfits and similar comedy series, it follows a group of 3 friends, Dylan who finds out he has chlamydia then has to go and tell each girl he's slept with, so each episode is the story of that one particular relationship. Honestly, if you need something easy and lighthearted to watch, this is it, its perfect. 


Maybe I was a bit late to the party with this one, my friend at work recommend it to me and I'm so glad she did. It is typical British awkward humour, and Greg Davies is just hilarious. It is about his daughter who comes back from travelling with her new husband played by Andy Samberg who is super eccentric and free spirited and totally does not fit in, but forms a weird relationship with Ken (Greg Davies) and in one episode they take ecstasy, there is not many programmes I actually proper laugh at, but this is one of them.

Line of Duty. 

Vicky McClure again, think I have some sort of weird crush /admiration for her, she is just an amazing actress and plays some really good parts. Surely you have heard of line of duty, it was all anyone on twitter was talking about every Sunday night for 6 weeks. The first 2 series are on Netflix and you have to watch them to understand the underlying storyline throughout the other series, but each stands alone as a really good police drama. Series 4 which has just been on with Thandie Newton in, was so good, we actually screamed at the tv, and it was a rare occasion I actually hid my phone so I wouldn't miss anything. I think as a country we are obsessed with crime dramas because there is something inside us that believes we can always figure it out, but there is so many twists in this, you are literally on the edge of your seat.


 If you like Fresh Meat or Lovesick, then you will like Siblings. Charlotte Ritchie plays Oregon in Fresh Meat and Tom Stourton played a supporting character in Lovesick. Both of their characters in Siblings are so funny, and completely ridiculous. They both play immature adults trying to be grown up but utterly failing. It is really easy watching, my favourite episodes are probably Burrito Neighbours & Balcombe's Funeral. 

Ex Machina. 
Thought I had better include this seen as I tell literally everyone I ever meet to watch this. Without a doubt it is one of the best films I have seen, I watched with literally no expectations or idea as to what it was about, I had only seen clips of it when it was nominated for best cgi, and I was blown away. Dohmnall Gleeson plays the main character Caleb, who was also in the Black Mirror episode Be Right Back. I wouldn't say I was a fan of sci fi, but this to me is sci fi done right. He has been chosen to go to the CEO of his company's house for a week, where he meets artificial intelligence Ava. I don't want to say to much to ruin it for anyone watching it, but its worth a watch!

Black Mirror

Ok, I said to myself I would leave it at Ex Machina but writing that reminded me of Black Mirror, which is also incredible. So many people were talking about it last year, and I would hear people talking about each episode, this was a series I was told I HAD to watch and I understand why. I'll admit some episodes aren't as good as others, but some episodes are so shocking and thought provoking. They all draw aspects of life now and how technology is taking over, and the obscene realties of what could be in the future. Ive also seen so many threads where Black Mirror have predicted things and have correlations to real life events, its kind of scary. The best episodes in my opinion are, Be Right Back, White Bear, Shut Up and Dance, Nosedive & Playtest. 

What have you been watching recently, anything I should add to my list?

Thankyou for reading, hope you like my recommendations.

Speak soon, B xxx

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Friday, 9 June 2017

Remember last week when the sun came out for a few days? Yes, its starting to feel like a distant memory to me too. Well we somehow organised about 20 of us to go the woods and have a picnic. This was like some sort of miracle organising that many people, and it didn't rain. I won't expect it to happen for at least another 10 years. 

Well, I took some photos and wanted a place to share them, so I hope you enjoy scrolling through this summery post, it was a very happy day. 

Strawberry taste test, Marks and Spencer's vs Asda.

I love using my polaroid camera, so got this snap of my friend Kady, with her beautiful daughter. 

Even the puppy's were invited, this is Benji.

It actually turned out to be a beautiful sunny day, not like this weather we've been having this week.

Because there was so many of us, it was a bit chaotic, and you didn't really know what to be paying attention to at any time.

I love spontaneous days like these, and really making the most of a day with people you love. It was such a perfect way to spend a day off. 

I hope to make loads of plans for the Summer and capture as many memories as possible, I will of course share them with you on here, as my online scrapbook. 

Have you got any plans for the Summer? Let me know and give me some ideas :)

Lots of love, always, Beth xxx


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Hello again, here I am with some advice, you know I love to give advice, I like to think of myself as a life guru with all the answers, but of course I am not.

Some days, I definitely do struggle with being productive. I feel like you just are when you're working from home, it makes it difficult to get into the right mind set to actively sit down and work or get stuff done. 

Since leaving college, I have worked on and off part time / full time. When there's not many hours at work and I'm doing part time shifts, I really focus on blogging as it makes me feel like I'm not just dossing about watching Big Bang Theory repeats and eating Jammy Dodgers. 

Along the way, I have had extremely productive days where I write 5 posts, take and edit photos and generally get shit done. Some days, I write a paragraph which eventually gets deleted because my mind had wondered off and I was thinking about learning all the words  to Ed Sheeran's new song.

My first piece of advice which I think is the most important, would be to put yourself in the work zone. Create yourself a work space, which isn't your bed or the sofa. Think more like a desk, and if you don't have a desk like me, use the kitchen table. 

Also you're going to be productive, and you know what you can't be productive in? Is pyjamas. I KNOW they are the best and more comfiest clothes you own, but you wear them to chill out in and to go to sleep in, you wouldn't turn up to the office in your pjs so don't wear them when you're working from home. Just putting your 'day' clothes on, even putting a bit of makeup on if you like, makes you feel more productive it just puts you in the right head space.

Make sure you eat. I know how do some people forget to eat? But you do, when you're immersed in what you're doing, and don't have a designated lunch break then you forget. You need to eat and drink to fuel your body, you will notice you will start to flag, your concentration will disappear and you will get more irritated by what you're doing if you forget to take a break and have something substantial to eat. 

Turn off your phone. I do this on days where I really need to get stuff done, like writing, because as soon as you get a notification go off on your phone, thats it you're fucked for at least 20 minutes, its like a rabbit hole and you get lost, checking all your social medias. I am the least productive person when my phones on because I have no will power but to look at every 5 minutes. If you're using it to listen to music, just turn it on airplane mode so that no notifications come through. 

Talking of music, if you can't bear the sound of your own typing or whatever you're doing for hours on end and you want to listen to music, I would suggest listening to music you know and like. Otherwise you'll be stopping mid train of thought to skip the songs, and also when you listen to music you like you can sort of tune out of it a bit because your brain knows it so you're not concentrating on it. Or listen to music without words, I know so many people that listen to the Harry Potter soundtrack because it is all orchestral. Or just don't listen to anything at all, that's what I do.

Lastly, make a list of all the things you need to get done. It makes it so much more useful when you're struggling to think of what to do next, and also feels so rewarding when you can tick them all off as you go. 

I hope this has helped some of you who are struggling to be productive. Just close that Netflix tab and focus!

Thankyou for reading,

from Beth xxx