Friday, 31 March 2017

Hello everyone! 

It's the last day of March, I know what the heck!? I can't believe we're into the fourth month of the year already, where is time going?! I want my money back. 

Because I used to love creating monthly scrapbooks, I decided I would create a mini weekly series this year instead. The past week has been pretty busy for me, I think the fact that the sun decided to make an appearance definitely influenced that. I love it when its sunny, makes me feel so much more motivated and gets me out the house more. 
Here's to many more sunny and warm days as we head in Spring. 

I started this on a Friday, I know, sorry.


I booked the weekend off which I was really looking forward to, as I hadn't any time off since November. It was definitely overdue! So I decided to go shopping, I was in desperate need of essentials like makeup remover, dry shampoo, new nail varnish...?

This is the beautiful stand in H&M, I can't help but get drawn in and end up buying 3 new colours, I definitely don't have VERY similar ones at home.

My mum and I ended the day by diving into a bucket of popcorn and waiting for Love Actually 2 on Comic Relief.

On Saturday, I got loads of blogging work done, I spent the day drinking tea, taking pictures, making plans and writing posts. I felt so productive and got so much done, I love working on my blog, so that was a good day.

Sunday came and went pretty quickly. The sun came out and it was beautiful and so warm. It was Mother's Day but my mum was away at the Ideal Home Show staring lovingly at George Clarke, so I got up early and made the most of it. I took my dog Dudley to the beach, it was quite a walk down to it but once you get there it is so worth the walk. 
We used to come here all the time as children, I have so many fond memories of swimming in the sea, having bbq's and playing make believe games with our best friends. 

Monday, meant back to work. I work in retail and on this shift I was on for processing delivery. Slight problem though, the delivery comes in downstairs, our stock room is 3 flights of stairs up and the lift broke down. Cue lots of lifting, carrying and running up and down the stairs all day! I was so tired by the end of it I came home and fell asleep on my bedroom floor as I was trying to reply to emails. Definitely did not have sensible shoes on either! 

Tuesday was pub quiz day! Every other Tuesday, me and the girls from work join forces and get highly competitive in the local pub quiz. The time before this we actually did win, so the game was on. Unfortunately we had a round naming really obscure flags, and our winning title was taken from us. It is always such a laugh, and is always such a nice evening. 

Wednesday was a complete right off for me. I was so ill, I woke up at 5am feeling really sick and dizzy, convinced I had caught the sickness bug from hell that seems to be doing it's rounds. I then had to be up super early for an emergency dentist appointment (long story but my jaw is fucked basically) they stuck so much into my mouth to take impressions of my teeth and even had a contraption stuck in my ears, it was horrendous. After that I came straight home and got back into bed, Dudley joined me, think he could tell I wasn't well. In between sleeping I managed to watch 4 Weddings and a Funeral but I still wasn't feeling great, I don't know what was wrong, I think I was just run down and my body was telling me to rest and get some sleep.

Thursday, another day at work with the lift broken! But I did win some chocolate buttons for  a completion we did a few weeks ago, so that was definitely a good turn of events on an otherwise exhausting day!

How's your week been? I hope you have all enjoyed the nice weather and thankyou again for reading my post!

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I'll hopefully make this a regular thing on my lil blog so hope you will stick around for that!

Love, Beth xxx


Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Hello there,

As someone who used to have terrible spots as a teenager I have been through a battle to find the solutions to clear skin. I still get the odd one thanks to hormones, shout out to mother nature. But these are my tips to keeping your skin clear on a daily basis. 

I also have oily / combination skin, so this is what works for my skin type. 

When I was in school and college, I was convinced that I had dry skin, I don't know why because it clearly wasn't, so I was buying completely the wrong products suited to a different skin type, which probably contributed to bad skin. 

1, Hence why my first tip is to figure out what skin type you have, then go from there. If you're not sure, you can always ask the lovely ladies at makeup counters and they will advise you on which you are what foundation is suited to your skin type.

2, Use natural face wash and moisturises. I find these work amazingly for my skin, because there is such a thing as 'over washing' your face, if you are sticking lots of chemicals on your face and scrubbing it everyday, you are taking all the natural barriers off your skin leaving it prone to spots. If you want to find a natural face wash, get yourself into Lush. I use Angels on Bare Skin cleanser, which comes in a paste form which you add water too to wash your face with. They have lots of different cleansers I would also recommend Herbalism. 

I also use Aloe products, aloe is amazing for your skin, I use the scrub every few days and the Aloe gel most evenings to moisturise. 

3, Wash your hair at night. Ok hear me out here shower in the morning people! Your hair collects grease and dirt throughout the day, especially from products like hairspray and dry shampoo, then this transfers onto your bedsheets and pillows then onto your face. If you are struggling with bad skin this may help reduce sebum build up. 

4, Don't use makeup with Talc in it. Talc is used in some loose powders and it clogs your pores up and creates spots so avoid this at all costs. Its usually in cheaper makeup brands. It is worth buying a little more pricier one (even like Maybelline still drugstore) for example I brought a Collection loose powder, I am a massive fan of Collection however this made my skin break out so bad. I knew it was from the makeup because I had spots all over where I applied it and once I stopped using it the spots disappeared. 

5, Avoid makeup / baby wipes to remove makeup. I was told by a skin care professional that these are terrible for your skin and your better off just using wet kitchen roll or flannel to remove makeup. Stick to a gentle makeup remover, my personal favourite is Garnier's Micellar Water, and I stick to the green one which is for combination skin. 

6, Keep makeup brushes clean. This is so important. Try and wash them every week, you will notice that if your brushes are dirty you will get spots from a build up of dirt in your pores. For example when I haven't washed my blush brush for a while I will get pimples all along my cheeks. I wash my brushes with a Lush soap because it is gentle enough for your face so won't irritate your skin.

7, If you are still struggling with bad skin, keep and eye on your diet. Your diet has a huge impact on your skin, you need to make sure you are getting enough vitamins and a balanced diet which will make it look brighter and clearer. I also gave up dairy which I think has had a positive impact on my skin. If you keep a food diary you will be able to draw conclusions from what you're eating in correlation of when your skin is worse.

I hope this post has been helpful.

Feel free to share your tips below on how you look after your skin.

Thankyou for reading, 

from, Beth xxx


Sunday, 26 March 2017

Seen as it is Mother's Day today I thought I would dedicate today's post to my mum. 

Thankyou Mum for raising Phoebe & I, to be strong, confident and independent young women.
Thankyou for never saying 'thats a man's job' and showing us what we are capable of.
You taught us how to be a good friend and the importance of making memories rather than material objects. 
You let us roam free with our friends and always trusted us. You let us make our own mistakes and learn from them on our own. 
You have never doubted our intelligence and capability to do anything, I am so thankful on how you raised us and the values you instilled in us. 
Thankyou for being strong and creating strong sisters. 
We are not one for showing our love for each other that much, but drinking tea and dunking biscuits whilst we watch the telly is enough. 

Happy Mother's Day. 

On this day, I hope you have reached out to the women in your life, be that your mum, your granny, your auntie or whoever, they need to know they are appreciated and are doing a good job. Make sure you tell your mummy friends as well, their babies may be too little to tell them, just give them a text, it will mean more to them then you will know. 

Thankyou for reading, Beth xxx


Thursday, 23 March 2017

Good day to you! This is a picture of me, freezing my tits off on the beach with my dog Dudley. Oh how naive I was before I set out on this walk, I don't even have a jumper PAH I can now laugh at my ignorance. 

Before we got Dudley, I had visions of myself walking him in the park like I was a cast member of Made In Chelsea, I would be wearing clean clothes, maybe a gilet, he would be walking beside me, perfect. 

Oh no, I have soon come to realise I could not be further from the truth. Now he is not a badly behaved dog, he is just a dog, when the whole world is AMAZING and he MUST go over there and then over there, BUT back there again and DID YOU SEE THAT CAT?!!?

I've almost had my arm ripped out the socket, more times then I care to remember. 

A clean car is a distant memory as I stick him in there to and fro the beach, and I basically live in my wellies. 

Walking him is a joy, if you forget the time he knocked me over (LOOK AT THE SIZE OF HIM) when he jumped up at me after wading through mud, when he puked after eating and rolling in fox shit. 

Not forgetting the bags of dog poo you are carrying around, completely shatters any previous illusions I had of being a perfect dog walker. Not to mention the time I was trying to keep him reigned in from being run over, trying to keep my hood up as it was pissing down, whilst swinging a black bag of shit around all simultaneously. 

Ah, bliss. 

After I have almost frozen my fingers off, had to go for an alfresco wee because we got lost and getting to the car seems like a 10 mile trek away, and carefully negotiating him into the bath after an extremely muddy / shitty walk, it's been.... great *forces grin*

HA I am only joking and wrote this post for us all to rejoice in the fact that dog walking it not glamorous and not what it is cracked up to be on reality tv. 

Hope you enjoyed this post, I am about to go and wrestle my shoe off him which he is cradling on the chair and take him up the road. 

Thankyou for reading!

From, Beth xxx

21 FOR 21

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Back in October, I turned 21, unlike last year I didn't create a post celebrating my birthday. I had a terrible birthday, and spent most of the day crying, but that story is for another day. 

So lets pretend its my birthday now, who says you can't have two birthdays?! Need to also go out for some delayed cocktails at some point, after all I did turn 21. 

Anyway, because I wanted to create this post, 21 for 21, to reflect and look back on all the things I have learnt in my 21 years on this delightful planet.

1- Tea always makes you feel better, and situations less painful, after a breakup, a shitty day at work, a car crash, always offer it, it's warming to the soul.

2- You can always pick yourself up and move on, there is always something better waiting around the corner. 

3- Cystitis is a bitch, always go for a wee after sex, trust me. 

4- Water tastes different, call me a water snob but I hate Evian water, who knew?

5- Not everyone is going to like you, neither are you going to like everyone, it's natural we are all so different. 

6- Change is a good thing, hey we're not all the same people we were in year 7, friendships change and its not a bad thing, we evolve and our lives are better for it. 

7- Dancing and singing always makes you feel better. Be that person who sings into pens and hairbrushes, does end of shift jigs, screams lyrics to the top of your voice in the car and dance in your pyjama's as you make breakfast. 

8- Candles and fairy lights are the best.

9- Love your body, too much time and energy goes on hating yourself when there is so many things to love. Find time to celebrate yourself, and you will be happier. 

10- Also appreciate your mind, you are so clever, use your voice to change the world. 

11- Crying is healing. Let yourself cry for no reason just because you felt like it. I cry all the time, its completely normal. 

12- You will never buy your true size at H&M, expect to go up a few sizes, you are not fat and need to lose weight to fit into clothes, all shops are different. I'm a 12 in some shops and a 6 in others. I know, MAD. 

13- Do things that make your soul happy. Jump in the sea, eat ice-cream cones with flakes poking out, do cartwheels, make pancakes at 1 o'clock in the morning, cover yourself in glitter, spend a whole day watching musicals, embrace life and do the things you love. 

14- Social media is not real. Stop judging your life on how many likes and followers you get. Stop spending hours scrolling through someone's 'perfect' Instagram and watching hours of vlogs. This makes you sad and disrupts your own happiness. You do not live on social media, neither is it an accurate representation of anyone's life. 

15- You don't really like drinking, and thats OKAY. Don't feel like you have to have shots of tequila just because everyone else is. 

16- Take the picture. Reflecting on my teens I am so grateful that my mum brought me a camera, and I saved everything. I took it with me everywhere and I have some of my best memories stored. Always take the picture and don't delete it just because you have a double chin from laughing, one day you will look back and be so glad you kept it.

17- You won't be on top form all year round. Nothing in nature blooms all year around so don't expect yourself to do so either. 

18- Let your inner geek out, who cares?! Theres no time to try and be cool, fucking dress like Harry Potter and walk through town with a wand if you want to. That is a much better memory to look back on, rather than that time you were complimented on having cool trainers that you will eventually forget.  

19- Always have a good skin routine, and never sleep in your makeup or use makeup wipes!

20- Be friends with everyone. Ok, not literally. But be friends with lots of different people, boys, girls, people who are older than you, younger than you, those from different religions or ethnicities, those who are parents and grandparents. You will learn so much from them. Once you leave school, you are allowed to be friends with those who you actually get on with, and this is amazing. 

21- Lastly, always be kind. Never make anyone feel unwelcome or treat anyone like they are beneath you. You have been treated like this before, and you know how it feels. Be that person who makes a conversation with the lady in the petrol station and asks how her day is. Never take your bad day out on someone, and always wish everyone a nice day. Literally life is too short to push your bad mood onto everyone else. Be kind, and people will be kind back. 

Do you know what, I could have continued writing this post until I had listed 50 things I had learnt, perhaps I will continue it into more blogposts.
For the time being, thankyou all for reading, feel free to comment, and share this post, spread the love people!

Big love, Beth xxx

P.S here's to the next 21 years, bring it on. 


Friday, 3 March 2017

Dear Anyone With A Broken Heart,

A broken heart, feels like... absolute shit. Worse than shit, especially if you didn't see it coming. 

It feels like someone has taken a massive sledge hammer to your precious heart and smashed it, as if it was made of something as fragile as glass, even worse if they have another person to increase the force that the hammer hits you with. 

You did not see this coming, of course you didn't. This makes you even sadder, because you were ignorantly happy and feel angry for even allowing yourself to plan the future and being so naive to what was about to happen.

Even if it was something you knew was around the corner, it wouldn't have made the impact any less. Thats like saying you knew you'd twist your ankle if you jumped down those stairs in heels, and let me tell you, still fucking hurts.

Relationships are tricky things and no matter how well you know someone and how much you love them, you cannot truly know what they are thinking. You can't, you can't one day just peer into their mind and live behind their eyes. You can beg and plead that you really do understand, it is impossible, and you can't force anyone to love you. 

You're sad, you feel your whole body is broken. You feel lost and cheated of your time and love. But be sad, you are more than entitled to cry. Cry today, cry tomorrow, cry into your bolognese if you want to. You won't be heartbroken forever, you will come out the other side, like any other wound, you can patch it up and move on. Doesn't mean its forgotten but you are worth more than that. 

People will say things like 'chin up' and 'there's plenty more fish in the sea'. Sometimes that advice is bullshit and you are not ready to hear it yet, but I promise you, one day at a time, the pain eases and you'll realise that you are actually fine and probably a better person for it. Never tell yourself you were stupid for loving them, you did and you can't help that, whats happened is in the past, reflect but don't live there.

Lastly, a breakup comes because something was broken. Surround yourself with so much love from friends and family to replace love lost, I promise everyone is there for you. They will be there whilst you're singing breakup songs at the top of your voice and also to mop up any tears and hand you a glass of wine.

Heartbreak is a bitch, but don't let it take over your life, you are stronger than that, you are incredible. 

Kick ass and be fabulous,

Love, your mended heart. 



Wednesday, 1 March 2017

 Hello, and happy first of March to one and all!

Yesterday, I went to the supermarket and picked up flour, eggs and milk and made my way to my friend Hanna's house to make some pancakes. 

Our other friend Elsie paused her revision to come and join in, and because I had taken a few pictures I wanted to share them with you on here & I love them!

Hanna, it turned out, had no sieve, no whisk or scales, so it was makeshift from there on out. Trying to guess and measure 100g of flour and 300ml of milk, proved difficult when we only had baby cups to go by.

However I did have a gorgeous little Zoey to help me crack the eggs. 

Even if she did try and put the whole egg into the flour.
They actually tasted really good if I do say so myself. Elsie and I were on pancake flipping duty, Hanna on baby duty. Then we had a little picnic on the floor with lemon, sugar and nutella topped pancakes, with cups of tea (obviously). Zoey even liked the lemon and ate it as calmly as if it was an orange, I know?!

It was a lovely afternoon with beautiful friends, who I am forever thankful for. 

I just wanted to share these pictures as they are from a happy lovely day and I like to treat this blog like a scrapbook. 

How did you enjoy pancake day??

Lots of love, Beth xxx