my last day of school

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

I left school five whole years ago today. I literally cannot believe where that time has gone, I definitely do not feel like I am 21. I remember my last day of school so well, and seen as its that time of year I thought I would share my memories from that day. 

I clearly remember on my first day of school, feeling super apprehensive walking up the flights of stairs up to my form room, that it wouldn't be too long before walking up those stairs on my last day of school. That is exactly how it felt, I was there for 5 years, some times were more difficult than ever and it felt like that day couldn't come quick enough. 

Although I had lots of good memories there, and my heart still swells at the moments I had there, I was happy to leave. It wasn't necessarily a sad day, it felt like closing the doors on a happy time of my life, but knew there was better things around the corner. 

It started much like any other day, getting on the school bus, we all had our own seats at the back of the bus, there was only 5 year elevens and 5 back seats, so we all had our designated one. We all signed each other's shirts and then graffitied the seats, so it was clear they were ours. Clearly don't condone this behaviour *cough cough*

We still had all the same lessons, I can't remember what day of the week this is but I am guessing it's a Thursday? We only had 3 lessons a day, that was just our timetable, but the afternoon was spent having a huge assembly and collecting certificates but that meant we still had two lessons in the morning. 

Maths was pretty civilised, of course no work was done, it was mainly spent writing in year books, signing shirts and taking pictures. 

I wish I could include so many more pictures, but loads of them include people I no longer speak to, so don't have their permission to post them, the ones I have chosen I'm hoping they won't mind *fingers crossed*. 

Then we had science, and every rule was thrown out the window. It was just 100 minutes of pure chaos. Even the teachers got involved, our science department was down a long corridor, with the class rooms to each side. Every single class room you went in, music was blaring so loudly, students were on the tables, swear even the teachers were at one point. 

Our school didn't exactly have a 'good' reputation.

I mean LOOK AT MY SHIRT, see also, no students at desks. This is a stage in my life where I rarely brushed my hair and was wearing somebody's else lipstick.

I mean, it's not like we paid attention in our regular classes let alone the last one, I remember being sent out of science and maths on multiple occasions for talking or messing about. We used to paint our nails, write stupid stories, listen to our iPods then act out the songs we were listening to for other people to guess, used to play knuckles, or whatever it was called, but remember me and friend hurt our knuckles so bad that they got bruised.

But on this last day, a sort of rave / mosh pit happened in the long corridor. 
Like the teachers, could not have cared less, after all I think they were picking the music.
The last day of school for any year was a but crazy, my sister's year had a huge food fight in the canteen, where she swore she saw a dinner lady throw a panini.

We then had to put on our 'proper uniform' and have our assembly, which I remember including a jam doughnut eating competition, where we all got given one and had to eat it without licking the sugar off our lips, do other schools do that? Nope, just mine.  

We then got called up in alphabetical order to collect certificates and shake the head teacher's hand, and me being a W, had to go up myself and I was so embarrassed. 

Then, that was it, our time at school was over, I remember leaving and saying goodbye to everyone, and I felt so happy. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed school, and if I could go back and relive some of the days there again, I would. Maybe it was a bit of a bitter sweet ending, but I remember it fondly, there was no tears.

The school bus home was interesting as we had a huge water fight, I don't even know where all this water even came from and clearly the bus driver didn't care, but was all got soaked and then had to walk home, with dripping hair and see through white shirts. 

We then all went to the beach in the evening and sat on the harbour wall. This memory is such a happy one for me. It is crazy to think of how much has changed since then, and how much I have changed as a person. I know I am so nostalgic and all my memories are so poetic, when realistically I probably didn't sit out looking into the ocean aka my future and probably just thought about what I was going to have for dinner. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, I use this space on the internet as my little scrapbook, so hope you find yourself at home here too. If this post has inspired you to write about your last day of school, make sure you send it to me to read :)

Thankyou for reading, Beth xxx

i can't stop listening to harry styles

Sunday, 21 May 2017

I'm listening to Harry Style's album now, but don't be alarmed for I don't have a problem, I can quit whenever I like, you don't need to call an intervention, I'm going cold turkey tonight. 

For I have been non stop listening to the album for 7 whole days now, just when it comes to an end, it's on loop and before I know it I've added another 5 listens to my life. 

They say you should write these down, like a dream journal, but more like a Harry Styles addiction diary, so here we go. 

Day 1 of 'Harry Styles' May 12. I outright refuse to listen to this album , I do not need this man to validate my existence by listening to his album, he doesn't define me, I don't need him. Ignorantly carries on listening to Ed Sheeran whilst this sits unplayed on my spotify. 

Day 2 of 'Harry Styles', oh god, everyone on twitter is talking about it. I must find out what it is, surely its not that good, I will listen just to make sure. Meet Me In The Hallway plays. Not convinced this sounds exactly like Sign Of The Times, you've let me down Harry, but I will continue to admire you as a beautiful man. 
Carolina begins, oh I quite like this. 
Only Angel is followed by Kiwi, HOLY FUCK I love this. What is this absolute musical piece of excellence, I am IN LOVE. 
The album finishes and I go for a 2nd listen, meet me in the hallway no longer bothers me, thats it, the obsession begins. 

Day 3 of 'Harry Styles', I have solidly listened to the album 12 times THIS EVENING alone. I put it on whilst I got ready in the morning, in the car on the way to work, thought about it and declared my love for it to everyone I encountered, then listened to it on the way home, then played it as I cooked dinner and continued as I lay in bed scrolling through my phone for hours. Wonder when if will get 'Harry Styles' poisoning and die. 

Day 4, I start to wonder what these songs are about, why do I love them so much, is any of them about Taylor Swift? Must investigate. 
Reads though music blogs and forums that analyse the melodies about why the songs are so catchy and sounds like other songs, "I knew it sounded familiar" whilst singing along to 'Woman' in my chair. 

Day 5, my mum comes in whilst I'm listening to it again, I'm pale, I've developed a twitch in my eye. She tells me to turn it off, 'just one more time' I mouth. She switches on radio 2 loudly to overpower Harry and my attempt to sing along. Sweet Creature plays on the radio. HE'S TAKEN OVER I shout from the next room. 

Day 6, I take to twitter to declare that I have started a slow decent into madness, and I can't stop listening to Harry Styles. I'm waiting for the over listening to kick in and I will begin to hate it and never want to listen to it again, like that time I crammed a whole bag on jelly beans in my mouth at one, Harry is a hypothetical jelly bean. I have adjusted to life with Harry Styles in it. I need to put myself in Harry Styles rehab and listen to something else.  

Day 7, only listening to it once today, all good things in moderation and all that. I am totally in control. HE'S DOING A CARPOOL KAROKE?! *books the day off work*

speak soon (once I've recovered) B xx


Thursday, 18 May 2017

Unless you've been living under a rock, then you will know there is a general election in a few weeks, June 8th to be exact. If you're reading this and you're like nah, politics, not for me, well I used to think that too and roll my eyes whenever it was brought up in conversation. BUT politics is literally for everyone, it affects our society and the way we live, so in some form or another is affects you too. 

Its so much more than grumpy old men sitting in parliament debating stuff that has nothing to do with us, once you start talking about it and engaging with it, it does become interesting and you will find you have your own set of opinions and views on it all too. 

To help some of you out with how to vote in the election, I have made a list of some of the things you need to know, but I'm not going to tell you who to vote for, that is completely up to you. 

Step 1, REGISTER TO VOTE. Currently a million 18-25 year olds aren't registered to vote (if I'm remembering that correctly) and it is our vote that counts the most because it is our future. It takes about 5 minutes to register to vote and you need to register before the 22nd May. Here's a link to the site <<<< all you will need is your national insurance number & personal details, like date of birth & address. 

Step 2, read the manifestos. Or watch some party political videos, these outlines what they plan on doing if they win the election. Read & consider which options are best for you, they shouldn't be too complicated to read, like in Fresh Meat when Vod promised free chips to everyone in the student union. 

Step 3, engage in conversations, understand people's for and against. For example, there is lots of threads on twitter for each party. Talk to your friends, understand their point of view, this will help make your decision easier, if you understand it better.

Step 4, don't ask your parents who they will vote for. You need to make this decision for yourself, ultimately your current situation is going to be different to your parents most likely, you're not going to agree on everything, politics may not be one of them either. Don't just vote for the same as them, I never knew how my mum voted so was able to make decisions myself and wasn't swayed in one direction or other. Now I know who she votes and we disagree, which is fine. 

Step 5, don't allow anyone tell you how to vote. People love to tell you how to vote, not necessarily in a productive way, like I vote this and this is the only way and you must vote that way too. The decision who to vote for is completely up to you and never let anyone make you feel bad for the way you vote, you don't have to tell people. 

Step 6, on the day, you are able to vote from your local polling station, any time between 7am and 9pm, which is plenty of time. Once you get there, you will que up depending on how busy it is, give them your name, they will give you a card and then direct you into a booth. This takes about 5 minutes. 

Step 7, take a pen with you. I read this somewhere that they only give you pencils in polling stations, and you should always take a pen just in the unlikely event that it gets changed. I don't know how likely that is but always take a biro with me just in case. 

Step 8, select which party you will vote for and put an X in the box. If none of the parties appeal to you then spoil your ballot paper, put an X in all the boxes, this is still better than not voting at all. 

Step 9, that's it, you've voted, now you can crack on with your life, make a cup of tea and wait for the result. You have had your say and that is so important, your vote does make a difference. 

You may not agree with the vote, but if you did vote guess what you can moan about it! If you didn't vote then you can't complain about the outcome, its our voice that makes a difference so make sure it's heard.

Hope this post hasn't bored you too much and was helpful to some of you. 

Happy voting people! 

Speak soon, B xxx


Tuesday, 16 May 2017


I have seen a few people posting their travel bucket lists, so I wanted to show you too where is on my never ending list at the moment. Trust me I've just put on a few, my pinterest board is jam packed of pretty places I want to visit one day. 

I really want to go away and visit somewhere new this year, but I think I'm going to run out of time and money and I have no one to go with and I am way too scared to go alone. 

All these photos are taken off tumblr, and I have reblogged them so they are at the top of my page if you wanted to go check them out too, link here.

First of all is Iceland. I have been wanting to go here for ages, and almost booked it back in 2014 but for some reason decided to go to London instead, I think someone put me off by saying it was super expensive. But I really want to go to the blue lagoon, it looks incredible and so beautiful. 

Amsterdam, again. 
I went in November last year, but it was so cold and rained the whole time and we got lost multiple times so I want to go back in the Summer, and spend time cycling and chilling out in Vondelpark. I don't feel like I saw enough of it last time, so definitely want to make another visit. 

What blogger doesn't want to visit Santorini? The buildings look beautiful along side the ocean, it is like a photographers heaven, I'm not even put off by the amount of steps you have to climb. I have been to Greece a few times, I love the culture and the food, and the weather isn't too bad either. 

Barcelona is another city I want to visit. Maybe to go for a few days, go and look at all the art the city has to offer, and have some tapas. My mum and sister went a few years ago and loved it and I was so gutted I didn't make it with them. But hopefully I will go in the near future. 

Positano, Italy. I have seen so many pictures on pinterest and tumblr of Positano. The colourful buildings and hotels up the cliff on the Amalfi coast. It just looks incredible, and you can't go wrong with Italian food, ice-cream and pasta? Yes please.

I would love to go travelling around Europe and thought about going inter railing but just never got around to it. 

 I hope to in the next few years visit all of these places, so if I do, do you have any travelling tips or should I add anything to my list? 

Hope you enjoyed reading!

bye for now, B xxx


Sunday, 14 May 2017

Let me tell you, I have had 11 jobs since leaving school, which was 5 years ago, I have had my fair share of boring jobs but surprisingly I survived them all, it was touch and go at one job, it was so boring I could have cried. 

The job I have stayed in the longest is the one I am at now which is in retail, I have worked there for 2 1/2 years, so that beats my previous record of 8 months, and had only intended on staying at this one for 6 months, but by the time I leave I will have been there for 3 years, crazy. 

I have had to have a 'first day' at 11 plus jobs, its over 11 because at one stage I worked for a staff agency so worked about 10 places for them alone. 

My first part of advice would be, go in open minded. Don't presume you're going to hate it, even when you work at a fish gutting factory, you never know you might love it. 

Remember you are not the first person at that work place that has had a first day, they all had to start somewhere so don't be scared, they are there to help you.

Be friendly to everyone, first impressions count for a lot. I have had so many people start at the jobs I've worked in and they've behaved like they would rather not be there and been generally grumpy to us all. Ok you might rather want to be at home, but thats not going to make it very enjoyable when no one wants to speak to you. 

The most important part of advice, is make friends. 
Friend's can make your job 100 times better and I have made some of my bestest friends whilst working with them. Conversation also makes your day go by much quicker. I have passed the time with friends at work, by tasting all the teas behind our counter and rating them as if we were tea connoisseurs, pranking the chefs in the kitchen by making them obscene cocktails (you don't even want to know) had a sing and dance to Prince behind the tills singing into pens. Make a boring job, more enjoyable by making friends, these people you will spend most of your time with so you might as well be pals. 

At the most boring job of my life, and I'm talking so boring, it was in a very posh shop, where next to no customers ever came in, I would work 9-6 all by myself, I wasn't allowed to stand still, but by 10 o'clock I had cleaned everything, rolled and unrolled all the blankets, ironed the bed sheets for a millionth time and rearranged the pillows. I used to take Fruitella sweets with me, here me out. I worked with two of my best friends at this job, although we were split up, we used to reward each other with sweets for staying sane and getting through another hour of pure boredom. Sweets are great. 

To clock watch or not to clock watch? I personally love to clock watch, I can't help myself. As soon as I walk into work, I'm like oh only 8 and half hours to go, and throughout the day I count down the hours until I can go home. But some people hate to do this and make it seem like the day drags even more, maybe being oblivious to the time makes it seem like it goes quicker?!

Ok, I just asked my 2 friends who I used to work with their tips on how to survive a boring job and they both replied with 'leave'. I mean, we have all left that job now and I certainly wouldn't go back. But if you really aren't enjoying then find something better, I promise there are better jobs out there which you will enjoy, even if it takes 11 times to find one you like. But for the mean time, make the most of it whichever way you can.

Have you got any tips for surviving a boring job? Tweet me or comment :)

Love, Beth xxx


Friday, 12 May 2017

Let's do a bit of admin before starting this post. This post is not about being vegan or vegetarian, neither is it about healthy eating, this is about the concept of 'clean eating' and how I feel it is having a negative affect on us.

When I was younger, or I could even say 3 years ago, before clean eating was a thing, people were one of 4 things, I'll say 4 because that is what I knew. Your diet could be explained by either - meat eating, pescatarian (someone who eats fish but not meat) vegetarian, or vegan. Fine, that was just fine. If you found out someone was vegan it was bit interesting and they would tell you about some horrid vegan cheese they had tried once which wasn't for them and we all cracked on with our lives. 

Recently, we have all seen this rise of 'clean eating', and now everyone and their mum seems to have clean eating written in their instagram bios with emojis of avocados and sweet potatoes (not dissing the sweet pots, can't get enough of that shit) but what does it really mean?!!? To me, the term clean eating is a marketing ploy and just another fad we are all buying into.

Clean eating blogs, youtube accounts, cook books and food sales have gone through the roof and we are all buying into it. Superfood seems to be labelled to anything and the price increased by £2. Now, I am all for healthy eating, don't get me wrong, but clean eating?!! No thankyou. 

Clean eating to me, suggests that there is dirty eating. This is how I feel. I will read posts on how gluten is sandpaper for the gut and bread is to be avoided at all costs. Carbs, heaven forbid you eat carbs, you're basically eating poison, dairy, sugar, meat, get rid of it, it's killing you. No everyone, can we all just calm down a second. 

Before anyone starts telling me not to eat a cheese toastie, are you qualified in nutrition to tell me this?! Are you part of some sort of clean eating club where you must recruit 20 people a day and you get commission for how many people join and start spouting clean eating nonsense to everyone?

Back to what I was saying about using the word CLEAN, clean suggests everything we eat needs to keep our insides clean and won't harm us. Ok I'm just going to say it, everything these days gives us cancer we are told. They will probably tell us one day avocado on toast does too, so stop using that as a reason. This whole concept of clean eating, clean clean clean, no sugar, no gluten no dairy. 

I of course fully support healthy eating, it's just the word clean that I think is damaging. 

I remember last summer when I had become so immersed into this idea that I was walking through Falmouth, feeling repulsed at these people in a burger bar and thought to myself I could not possibly go in there and admit that I eat that. HOW WRONG IS THAT. I felt that I would be dirty eating that, I physically felt dirty. 

I remember the feeling of my body being full of bad stuff, like I had put all this dirty horrible food inside me like I was a glutton, and I should be ashamed of myself. 

It's also the same when we use words like naughty and bad food, we are creating bad connotations with certain foods and creating guilt, making us feel like we are telling ourselves off. Because really, it is just food. We need food to survive, stop making yourself feel like a naughty child who's eaten too much chocolate cake. 

This is not healthy. I am 21 years old, how does this affect teenage girls and boys for that matter? They are reading this stuff all the time as well, and it is very negative messages and pressures being forced upon them. 

We live in a society where eating disorders are effecting approximately 1.6 million people. This is staggering and I really feel like the pressure from clean eating is not another we need to add to the list. I felt the pressure big time. 

If you live with a clean eating diet, by all means carry on. But please can we stop making people feel bad for what they eat. You eat this, we eat that. Try not to put anyone to shame and make them feel inadequate because they eat something different to you. At the end of the day, we need food to survive and it is completely up to the person to choose what they eat. Never feel like you have to earn your meal and NEVER ever be made to feel guilty for eating a balanced diet. 

Let's all rejoice and eat the food we wanna eat, in fact I'm scoffing a doughnut as I write this. 

Let me know how this 'clean eating and 'good & bad food' has affected you.

Much Love, B xxx


Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Recently, I made a huge list of films I had never seen & felt like I needed to, because the usual reactions I had from people went like, HOW HAVE YOU NEVER SEEN THAT?!

So I made a list and I am slowly but surely making my way through them, there's about 30 on the list. However, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite films, some I have watched recently, others I have loved for years. I have done one of these posts since I started my blog so it was about time I did an updated one. 

First of all is Love, Rosie. 
I adore this film. I must have watched it at least 10 times, it seems to come and go off of Netflix quite often, at the moment its not there, but will probably be back soon. I feel like this film slipped under the radar a bit, and if you haven't seen it, you are missing out on a beautiful film. It has Lily Collins & Sam Claflin (beautiful man) in it, its a romantic comedy and I would compare it to One Day (but better) and Bridget Jones. It is just perfect. 

This film made me cry my eyes out, it is so thought provoking and interesting. It is based on the book by Emma Donoghue, about a woman and her son, trapped in a Room for 7 years, and her son believes the room is the whole world. It is the story of their escape to freedom, and it is even giving me goosebumps typing this. I heard about this film watching the BAFTAS because Brie Larson won Best Actress. 

Oh my God, I fucking love this film, in fact I watched it again after I watched it first because it is just brilliant. This also slipped under the raider I feel, as I recommend it to so many people they have no idea what I am talking about. But is has Rudy in from Misfits and  Candice from Fresh Meat. It is about the Gay rights movement in 1984 and how a group of activists help out a Welsh mining town during the mining strikes. The actors are incredible, it is funny, it's emotional and captivating. But also the costumes, soundtrack and sets are so authentic, I just love it. 

The Boat That Rocked.

This is a Richard Curtis film, although it is not his classic rom com film like Love Actually. This is set in the 1960's where Pirate Radio is breaking the rules and playing 24/7 rock and roll music, on their boat Radio Rock. The cast is some of the best actors, including Bill Nighy, Nick Frost, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Chris O'Dowd & Katherine Parkinson. It is just such a feel good funny film and the soundtrack is amazing so you can't help but love it. 

Captain Fantastic.
If you can't already tell, all of these films I adore, and could watch a hundred times over. This is no different. I heard of this film, again watching The BAFTAs this year, as Viggo Mortensen was up for Best Actor, and it was wrongly given to Casey Affleck (of course, in my opinion) This film reminds me a little of Little Miss Sunshine, it follows the story of a family, who have chosen to live in the wilderness and self educate their children. When their mother dies, they have to venture out into the world and confront society and it is a beautiful story about the family coming to grips with normality whilst being extremely eccentric. I mean, this picture says it all.

That is it for now, I will probably continue to create posts like this as I have so many more on my list I would love to share with you all. 

Have you seen any of these films and what should I add to my list?

Thankyou for reading, 

Beth xx